solve the puzzle = erase one thing
solve the puzzle = erase one thing
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ABOUT: Brain Love Story

This brain puzzle game is a magical tool that will help us think differently and solve fun, unpredictable tasks.

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    Gray cool

  • Hannahbeanies

    ₜₕₑᵣₑ’ₛ ₛₒₘₑₒₙₑ ᵢₙ ₜₕₑ bₐₜₕₜᵤb

  • ActoricMinds

    Gray: *YOU SICKO!* Also gray: Proceeds to cut the persons weiner off

  • Conrail Fan
    Conrail Fan

    This is just flamingo on drugs

  • Robert Gregor
    Robert Gregor

    8:43 When I run out of ideas about a name for a certain level in my game thinking about my ADHD to much.

  • Alex Guevara
    Alex Guevara

    Day 1 of asking for a letsgameitout and graystillplays collab

  • Adison Raquel
    Adison Raquel

    The deep truck radiologically turn because ground extremely sign except a quick risk. observant, clear caravan

  • Hi.

    What is this game called

  • JenniferPlayz

    6:45, angel with a shotgun ((shotgun)) 🎶

  • Helena zardo
    Helena zardo


  • Rachel Hatch
    Rachel Hatch

    5 m sup

  • ☯︎ᗰOᑕᕼIIᘔ☯︎

    "We both know there's gonna be a naked woman behind this" -Gray 2021

  • Monichi!


  • J K
    J K

    Is Gray

  • Lily Riddle
    Lily Riddle

    The creativity when you drew it

  • Unknown634

    "Is she hiding a sausage?" "Not in the sexual way, but an actual, physical sausage" -Graystillplays

  • Brian Ohear
    Brian Ohear

    Title: solve the puzzle = erase one thing Me about to erase reality: You have given me too much power

  • hectorwawa

    Why is minecraft steve here

  • Kaylee Miller
    Kaylee Miller

    That was not a shotgun that was a knife backwards

  • gacha Max3333
    gacha Max3333

  • Blue Eve Wolf
    Blue Eve Wolf

    I think gray is broken.... He's trying to be wholesome

  • Leo Martin
    Leo Martin

    The text is random

  • Denyse Cassy
    Denyse Cassy

    The lackadaisical bibliography luckily scare because taste willy plug to a piquant wound. jagged, nervous discovery

  • Christian Gooding
    Christian Gooding

    Givvvvvvvveeeeèeeeeeeeee moooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3


    5:21-5:27-5:47 wait isn't that the same person

  • Raven Reigns
    Raven Reigns

    That cat and spleens should be friends

  • Bobby Leverette
    Bobby Leverette

    The shotgun look like a knife that you was holding by the tip

  • Kisachi Kirisagi
    Kisachi Kirisagi

    1:13 sus

  • Audrey Buccieri
    Audrey Buccieri

    Your drawing 👁👄👁😹

  • Rachel Senf
    Rachel Senf

    That's a sandlogged watermelon if I've ever seen one

  • Luke E
    Luke E

    MOM- who you wachin me-drug guy MOM-l: me-s**t i mean graystil plays

    • callmehenry

      I watch graystillplays

  • Yandeel Castro
    Yandeel Castro


  • Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town
    Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town

    12:11 the fan is not even facing the correct way that it could pull the hair in...

  • Anrisparce Kurokaze
    Anrisparce Kurokaze

    I just want to point out that the slide with a bathtub didn't have it's whereabouts/contents questioned. I guess electrocution banished the bathtub for the rest of the video

  • Karon Dockery
    Karon Dockery


  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name

    🤣🤣😂😂 this was so funny

  • Jo Jiherzs
    Jo Jiherzs

    "its a upside down golf tee" me:dat a nose

  • Saderr

    I don’t enjoy these videos idk why I watch these but I don’t f I n I s h the video

  • Jen Alipio
    Jen Alipio

    She wants a dress


    Wow it just so happened that I am eating the crabs brother🤣

  • Panda Goddess
    Panda Goddess

    "ahhh yes of course" = " ahhhhhh yes demonize"

  • pau muanthang
    pau muanthang


  • Gmanunit13vers2

    I'm glad to see gray do a game like this instead of minecraft(?) GTA or Happy wheels as of late.

  • kaylatara paskoski
    kaylatara paskoski

    Was that last guy mad though? 😂😂😂 He's insecure about his masculinity 😂😂

  • Jennifer plays roblox
    Jennifer plays roblox


  • Acid Blaze
    Acid Blaze

    "This game is allergic to two things, mortality and context" Me: Also grammer

  • Masaki Kazuma
    Masaki Kazuma

    *Someone's In The Bathtub*

  • Dev

    The forgetful raincoat locally shiver because description chronically amuse since a ripe caterpillar. pricey, maddening creator

  • Maame owusuah
    Maame owusuah

    ]]]]]]]]1237890-= 10

  • Seema Singh
    Seema Singh

    Nice bro

  • Jsephus 42
    Jsephus 42

    Why do the words mean nothing?

  • Erick Caringal
    Erick Caringal


  • Lolbit The Glitched
    Lolbit The Glitched

    I want skittles

  • Sofia Caparas
    Sofia Caparas

    why is that one man that was coverd by sand and then u erase andhe was smiling it look like hes eating his nose if its just me i think my brain is shocked becuz of this game it cant even develop what is happening in this game

  • Tony2077

    ah the eggplant under the bed where all normal people keep one

  • Vichai Vang
    Vichai Vang


  • snak37


  • karlaYT

    Middle finger turkey time

  • Skarlett M Mossip
    Skarlett M Mossip

    Gray: its uhh...upside down golf t Me knowing what it looks like:... Me: Its a nose!

  • mia

    what’s the name of this game

  • Art - Amations
    Art - Amations

    It’s not a juvenile picture it’s a totally appropriate picture for this game and every other game that exists

  • Exuviance Kl
    Exuviance Kl

    Me at 2:36 Makeup?

  • Ethan Quimpo
    Ethan Quimpo

    ive never heard gray laugh so hard until the end

  • its_freaking_andrea

    "Would you like a gun?" Game: adds a skirt Me: *ULTIMATE WHEEZING*

  • Jörmungandr The Serpent
    Jörmungandr The Serpent

    That isn't pankackes with butter it's a tophat

  • tiky cult
    tiky cult

    i think these games need to stop🙃

  • Oofo Boi
    Oofo Boi

    Simon says get a cookie

  • Neneng Hasanah
    Neneng Hasanah

    12:20 4K

  • HalfBreedMix

    10:53 Hey, is that a Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P CORE pistol ?

  • The Error Destroyer
    The Error Destroyer

    Nobody talkin about how the last one was a lady with masturbation tools/an eggplant, a cucumber, and a banana

  • JennaD H
    JennaD H

    OK OK now[[

  • Exp

    What the hell am I watching?

  • Luna gazelea
    Luna gazelea

    I don’t think anyone’s in the bathtub...

  • Dillon Sande
    Dillon Sande


  • Emily

    I just want to say thank you for not swearing in most of your vids now I can watch your videos without my mom being mad

  • rob mitch
    rob mitch

    "Is it?" I didn't expect a lady with a cutlass would be the thing that broke gray's brain.

  • Sora Quill
    Sora Quill

    3:00 oh it’s khloe kardashian’s alien face

  • Sexy Pepper Colony
    Sexy Pepper Colony

    My name and drawing have never been more relevant to a GSP video.

  • Guapito Wilderman
    Guapito Wilderman

    I'm going get guns

  • Jackson V J A C K
    Jackson V J A C K


  • Blue Shiba
    Blue Shiba

    nobody : absolutely nobody : the game : Breakfast is ready

  • Jackson V J A C K
    Jackson V J A C K


  • Shelby Durfee
    Shelby Durfee

    “It’s dollar store Peach!” 🤣



  • Kortney Carmack
    Kortney Carmack

    1:54 is that steve formMC?!

  • Sheldon Kipp
    Sheldon Kipp

    oh, yeah, that was only said Pooh

  • Dustin Murray
    Dustin Murray

    That cat related to spleens by chance??

  • Lokin

    Why are there too many girls???

  • Icy and Melting button
    Icy and Melting button

    8:13 - 8:16 you can find this music on roblox game: treasure hunt simulator

  • Gail Kermel Doble
    Gail Kermel Doble

    ayo is it me or is it the hot girls out here?

  • Uras Sarı
    Uras Sarı

    google translate is stupid

  • Neutral chaos Pure chaos
    Neutral chaos Pure chaos

    7:50 i felt that one

  • Phal Chandara
    Phal Chandara


  • Shona - SoF
    Shona - SoF

    WTF is going on here????

  • A44kos

    Uh oh

  • Nenita Gonzales
    Nenita Gonzales

    This emoji ➡️😂 means dying of laughter

  • Kc Thunder
    Kc Thunder

    12:12 the fan would be blowing her hair, not pulling

  • Breadcrusader 23
    Breadcrusader 23

    What’s scary is that gray can predict things

  • Grimey Danny
    Grimey Danny

    WARNING: flashing colors 3:26 - 3:41

  • emmett