i upgraded villagers into gods and this happened
i upgraded villagers into gods and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speed run challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Xian

    *Ain't no Pillager pillaging this village now*

  • AyP FoOT
    AyP FoOT

    7:46 no hate but that laugh sounded like lord farquad

  • Chillax Club
    Chillax Club

    Day 1 of asking for the sims

  • paper•face

    This is what i tell people my favorite youtuber does

  • April Hammack
    April Hammack

    2:44 hmmmmmm that banner isn't scary at all😐

  • Sophie Hamby
    Sophie Hamby

    "There's my long lost carbs..... hey!"

  • ALR Studios
    ALR Studios


  • Mart Kaljus
    Mart Kaljus

    do you actsully live in florda

  • E.R.I.N

    Wow, Gray straight up ignored a music disc in a chest. He's even more insane than I thought.

  • e t h e r e a l
    e t h e r e a l

    Reginald tattoo phase was the best, idk why when they got netherite they lost the reginald tattoo ;-;

  • John Zalewski
    John Zalewski

    All hail Reginald, now adore the monument or be burned Non-believers (not irl, the mobs in Minecraft). #graystillplays

  • The Last Racer 29
    The Last Racer 29

    Why did the last villager in the thumbnail remind me of goro from Mortal Kombat

  • XxSmIle xX
    XxSmIle xX

    Reginald has his own religion.


    Make a army of insane reginalds

  • Gamer Gurt
    Gamer Gurt

    Please tell us this mod

  • Faznil Jarde
    Faznil Jarde

    The crabby liver presently sip because advantage timely unpack behind a chilly business. super, wacky waterfall

  • Johann van Niekerk
    Johann van Niekerk

    Is there a specific place where you got the super ore mod? Cant find it ... please share it

  • ꧁꧂Rayan537_ ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂Rayan537_ ꧁꧂

    what for mod is this? I WANT

  • Paxtoboss12

    Gray should make Reginald the most op chicken in the universe

  • Paxtoboss12

    Then gray says it’s Minecraft I laugh


    Is this some mod?

  • AH B
    AH B

    What is this mod called? Me want it.

  • Jovean Clarke
    Jovean Clarke

    Ur so funny dude

  • BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe
    BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe

    Gay men of war

  • Baxter Smith
    Baxter Smith

    regenald banner: I’m watching YoU gray:oh hi no one cares your there

  • Baxter Smith
    Baxter Smith

    why did they make ReGeNaLd flags wtf

  • Haw Haw
    Haw Haw

    Bruh ur jokes is no joke 🤣🤣

  • Arnish Ukil
    Arnish Ukil

    *"brREaK tH3 gAmE"*

  • Andrew Surowiec
    Andrew Surowiec

    Link for the mod?

  • Kyle Raganas
    Kyle Raganas

    the way he act is nice, i like it

  • Jack Mcdonald
    Jack Mcdonald

    Gray: what is stupidity Also gray mines iron with a wood pickaxe

  • Gamer Noob
    Gamer Noob

    gray:villagers no yeeting villagers no yeeting villagers:oh men

  • kadj

    What it looks like to complete everysingle side quest then going to fight the boss

  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose

    Him just swimming in lava: 👓 Me: *Le gasp* BRAVO BRAVO

  • True Gamee
    True Gamee

  • Jordan Peele
    Jordan Peele

    The shivering river clasically bless because iris conspicuously carve excluding a swift rocket. ashamed, typical holiday

  • Anastasia Hagerich
    Anastasia Hagerich

    Who's the best Normal people: God! Gray with reganold: want to try that again

  • Anastasia Hagerich
    Anastasia Hagerich

    Gray: GO MY ARMY OF INSANITY!!!! Nearby lava seeing reganold: time for a swimming lesson buddy

  • Aya Valdez-Basa
    Aya Valdez-Basa

  • Simmy The Cat
    Simmy The Cat

    666 Dislikes! :x Screenshot taken

  • Seig Ruijin Manilag
    Seig Ruijin Manilag

    villager be like: i was weak purposeless but now im stronk

  • RaelynneFox45

    "And by recruiting I mean you don't have a choice" so a draft then

  • Zane Finey
    Zane Finey


  • idil ali osman
    idil ali osman

    You make moods evil

  • Jayden Uyarrai
    Jayden Uyarrai

    This dude is playing minecraft now... new IRbinr to my favorites list

  • No.04_Fern_เฟิร์น_G.3-1

    Me 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤧😷🤮😷😅😓😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤢🤮🤐😷

  • Zac Cook
    Zac Cook

    ok Minecraft is broken at this point no questions asked.

  • ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร
    ธนาเดช ศุภนัทนพร

    He became an Dark lord

  • latoya miller
    latoya miller

    Minecraft but with stands from jojo ngl

  • Eriks Mentelis
    Eriks Mentelis

    I hate youtubers!!!!!

  • Eriks Mentelis
    Eriks Mentelis

    I getting revenge!!!!!

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale

    D I am not a dating app but I wanna was the way I wanna was the time of my life I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a time of time to get my life back in the back of a good day in my life and I’m going back into a new one I will see you next time I am in a bad way and e.

  • Max Naylor
    Max Naylor

    Dragon king

  • Andrew Manson
    Andrew Manson

    GrayStillPlays conscripts workers and farmers into the Soviet Army, circa 1942

  • ImNotARobloxian

    I've got a gigantic multiplying army and I've lost my mind Gray 2021

  • Wilkristoffer Garces
    Wilkristoffer Garces

    a potato is bread

  • Dianalee Ross
    Dianalee Ross

    WoAh looks like the villagers taking steroids again \_|+•+|_/

  • Gibbsl 2500
    Gibbsl 2500

    2:42 Lyndon B. Johnson in 1969

  • Noah Robison
    Noah Robison


  • Alfie Greenwood
    Alfie Greenwood

    Chicken lord


    SHEeEEEEEEERAED sorry lava got in my mouth while I was bathing

  • Stephen Lycopolus
    Stephen Lycopolus

    All the

  • Norlorn


  • rxckboy on xanax
    rxckboy on xanax

    If I didn’t read the title and see u tame the villagers I would think I’m watching the iron golem vid again

  • Jimy Van Loock
    Jimy Van Loock

    I like the fact that, despite the absolute absurdness of the 'cheats' Gray is using, he's still trying to play the game as legimitately as possible. Keyword: *TRYING*


    That evil laugh as he pulled the lever! XD 🤣

  • JakeK The Minecraft Chicken
    JakeK The Minecraft Chicken

    Fun fact: Potatoes is actually bread.

  • The Moistsia
    The Moistsia

    The next thing you know grey will either add so many zeros to your fist that you can cause to ended dragon to instantly divide by zero the entire world or add more zeros to the ender dragon itself so the whenever it flaps its wing a entire chunk 16x16 area vanishes until the entire world ceases to exist

  • demon king
    demon king

    When the chikens were fly it made me remember when i had a chiken and the chiken jumped out a window and died

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    When will gray upgrade himself

  • Salih Tekin
    Salih Tekin


  • LightInTheDarc

    Haha this is what I will be doing when I run out of IRbin video ideas... oh wait I already have.

  • John Travis
    John Travis

    Grey: Hey, everyone, I'm recruiting, and by recruiting I mean you don't have a choice. Me: Sooo, conscription or the draft...


    A hunch of gay villagers :D I'm finally with my kind :D

  • wolf_ demon
    wolf_ demon

    You would like me in minecraft

  • Lloyd Daggett
    Lloyd Daggett

    I want a chicken as a lord lol

  • Gojo Satoru
    Gojo Satoru


  • Kyle Gaming
    Kyle Gaming

    I'm subed to this channel on my other IRbin account but not this one I'm subing again if you like it or not I'm still subing again.

  • hidotakami hawks
    hidotakami hawks

    that's exactly what we think gray(I'm not kidding🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂)

  • Davis

    01:20 ssundee be like

  • Madilynn Ross
    Madilynn Ross

    nobody:....... Me: just dieing laughing form the funny voices!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Pretorius
    Jessica Pretorius


  • Mildred Perez
    Mildred Perez

    The knotty tooth additionally return because direction electrophoretically tow worth a possessive meal. glamorous, handsome study

  • lol

    Why did he mmmmm yeah when he got the iron

  • The Two Johns
    The Two Johns

    Gray:I have an idea. Minecraft: uuuuuuuugh.

  • Hypernova

    Yes yes potato=bread yes thats big brain XD XD XD

  • Pixelschubser2

    Finally I know why your Voice sounds so familiar to me! You sound nearly the same like Nux Taku but less Evil xD

  • JADE : Ivan Atienza
    JADE : Ivan Atienza

    Next : Using minecraft but on rtx but have op shaders that is so very niec that it will burn your cpu

  • kobe and coco vlog's
    kobe and coco vlog's

    He broke iron with a wooden pickaxe

  • Pradeep Solanki
    Pradeep Solanki

    You should make level 1000000 Reginald

  • Robert-Marius BUFTEANU Year 7
    Robert-Marius BUFTEANU Year 7

    that not bread i mean

  • Robert-Marius BUFTEANU Year 7
    Robert-Marius BUFTEANU Year 7

    that aint a potato

  • Total Gaming✓
    Total Gaming✓

    "let's pray for Corona Patient"stay safe stay healthy♥️♥️..

  • Dkaio

    The only thing I hate more than villagers, is baby villagers.

  • subhamay mukherjee
    subhamay mukherjee

    0:11 The villager:*staring at wall*here we go again *sigh* The villager behind him:WHAT THE FU-

  • MFamilyChannel

    1 10 100 1000 10000 100000 1000000

  • Sarita Fernandes
    Sarita Fernandes

    Gray did you know that you can use hoe to break leaves faster in minecraft


    4:16 gray achieves the ultimate mistake

  • LordHansi

    2:44 When moms are asking you questions like: hey, can you walk with the dog pls?

  • -mako-

    the fact he called a potato, B-R-E-A-D for the whole video, makes it that much better