i upgraded piglins into gods and this happened
i evolved piglins 10000000 years and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Cyric Fenn
    Cyric Fenn


  • Kzare

    6:17 Grey generic laughtrack 8:56 Grey generic laughtrack 2

  • Anastasia  Miles
    Anastasia Miles

    Reginald is a great son and he's fire proof so he's the perfect chicken

  • Zaxcool Ark
    Zaxcool Ark

    I know someone has already said this but Gray! Release your datapacks

  • PIGLIN 469
    PIGLIN 469


  • colin cheng
    colin cheng

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  • Bryce Parrott
    Bryce Parrott

    I got an add for insurance before watching this video

  • Karl Mendiola
    Karl Mendiola

    The amount of stupidity in this video is hilarious🤣😂

  • colin cheng
    colin cheng

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  • Thomas Nichols
    Thomas Nichols


  • Jonnie Mathers
    Jonnie Mathers

    Piglins only listen to youngboy

  • Deacon Colon
    Deacon Colon

    turn zombies into super zombies i was your 2nd sub

  • Caolán O'Chearnaigh
    Caolán O'Chearnaigh

    1:35 BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Also, "An assload of zeroes" XD

  • Krystal Lynne Delizo
    Krystal Lynne Delizo

    the piglin is now the king of piglins

  • Caroline

    DOOMCRAFT:bacon slayer

  • Purrrfect light
    Purrrfect light

    Whenn u buffing endermite or the dragon Why did i say that…

  • The Cursed Emoji
    The Cursed Emoji

    When ever the villager levels up he suits up in iron villager armor

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool

    Dr. Gray: You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have Piglins with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my ... friend has done so.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool

    Ass load of more Zero's

  • The comedic bros
    The comedic bros

    I want Reginald to get to lv 999,999,999 he will be god

  • AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
    AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .

    *Insert Totally Original and Creative Comment Here*

  • mayliz

    Imagine uprgrading regenold lol

  • コールunknown

    And make a video so you make your chicken op

  • コールunknown

    He’s getting so mad because he won’t kill the golem XD

  • Blood wolf 2007
    Blood wolf 2007

    This piglin is a chad

  • Mike vesterfelt
    Mike vesterfelt

    Upgrade withers into Gods make the final form The wither storm

  • Hannah Kersey
    Hannah Kersey

    I'm dying of laughter :)

  • Amadeus Baurdee Lumagas
    Amadeus Baurdee Lumagas


  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose

    Hi here at this channel we make piglins in the over wold wile upgrading them

  • kevin vantrease
    kevin vantrease

    why do you do this?

  • Kinder Korner
    Kinder Korner

    Buff the spider To Bye Frick Those Mobs That Die

  • Kinder Korner
    Kinder Korner

    Buff the wither storm and get him to frick all zombies or golems

  • AtomixNotFound ✔
    AtomixNotFound ✔

    Tf was that intro

  • Sebastian Brandt
    Sebastian Brandt

    Gray gave Reginald his carbs now that is a true symbol of a fathers love !

  • Rebel

    He just smushed a piglin vid with the villager vid and the speed running one AND THE DOG ONE. *I love it*

  • Rad Tanks
    Rad Tanks


  • Tyler Prince
    Tyler Prince

    Please tell me Reginald is available as a mod download.

  • myself Hello
    myself Hello

    6:16 when he wheezes its incredible

  • Maia Ramotar
    Maia Ramotar


  • lani bob
    lani bob

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  • Loren Edens
    Loren Edens

  • Coltin Frierson
    Coltin Frierson

    Did he just torn in to ein the gold luvr

  • Ryan Flores
    Ryan Flores

    There's no any video


    What are you doing step chicken

  • Ross Cook
    Ross Cook

    Anyone else want him to drop the pack he used


    Reginald is the best

  • Tauro Buinevere
    Tauro Buinevere


  • Jade M
    Jade M

    Gray should make a T-shirt that has a "I got the news and bad news quote. The good news is _______. The bad news is_______."

  • Alex W S Chan
    Alex W S Chan


  • Zoey Jefferson
    Zoey Jefferson

    How did you get this Minecraft plugins and upgrades

  • Easter measta
    Easter measta

    Should do a few of these videos then do a long video with all in it

  • ㅤ

    King Pigidorah is a good name for the max piglin

  • Vengirgirem

    And in the end of the video u get to see a typical war on dream smp

  • Ryder Alexander
    Ryder Alexander

    Add zeros to the ender dragon

  • Gaming with Grayson
    Gaming with Grayson

    Hey gray, you should switch the hand to cause the suffering of more civilians.

  • The Wickerdevil
    The Wickerdevil

    You should add zeros to the parrots

  • Kinggavyn Spyro
    Kinggavyn Spyro

    Do zoglins

  • foxey the gamer
    foxey the gamer

    me I a can't laugh but pfffttttt beat there ass yes

  • no on
    no on

    why he dosent go into creative mode and fly around so we can see the chaos better instead of a garbage close up first person view but hey i guess im the only one who knows how to make good content

  • Nathan Swidowski
    Nathan Swidowski


  • The Night King
    The Night King

    This was Grays best Minecraft episode bar none

  • ShaedTheMoron

    I don't understand how he edits the game like this. Is it a modpack? Is it just coding? TELL US YOUR SECRETS

  • Good gaming David
    Good gaming David

    gods as in in the sky?

  • Ble😋

    Half way through the video I got an add about safety 🤣🤣

  • Eggmaster

    Gray should put all the zeros on blazes

  • Arr0b0i

    gray, you should make a shirt saying 'time to add some zeros'

  • Awesatron

    But, when do we get to see Reginald gain the power of the zeros? Lol

  • Hisham and Joillbee
    Hisham and Joillbee

    Why You are Evil Gray

  • Anastasia Hagerich
    Anastasia Hagerich

    Why was reganold break dancing on you're head at the start and not burning?

  • Sans

    Бравл старс

  • the metal viper
    the metal viper

    gray i only have 1 word for you: WITHER

  • Genevieve O'Tier
    Genevieve O'Tier

    ADD 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 ZEROS TO REGENALD

  • Lauren Nixon
    Lauren Nixon

    *wheezing the whole time and forward of the rocket launcher* YALL NEEDA BUFF SLIMES, MAGMA CUBES, OR WOLVES *Me suddenly realized what I said* OH SH- *10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Upgrades later* Me once again wheezing*

  • NBGaming

    What you should do is gat a more ores mod and chance the code so that you can use the more ores mod to lvl up the mobs. Hehe 🙃

  • Mikkel Paris
    Mikkel Paris

    Not today satan!

  • Michael games
    Michael games

    I think it will be too extreme your for computer if you do a zoglin or a hoglan

  • Michael games
    Michael games

    I think it will end up crashing your game or defeating the Ender Dragon in a blink of an eye and also don't just make them a giant warthog just kidding

  • Michael games
    Michael games

    I believe you should do hoglins or zoglins

  • Gaming Inchworm
    Gaming Inchworm

  • Dragon-Bite

    I wonder what would happen if he had an army of op ender dragons. XD

  • Lucas Mcintosh
    Lucas Mcintosh


  • Benny Alberto
    Benny Alberto

    im surprised that gray han't made any farms or systems yet he could also trap the villagers for other stuff

  • Typical gamer Best fan
    Typical gamer Best fan

    Do you like saitan or hate saitan?

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr

    Can you bring back the OP swords and pickaxes? I know you don't need the OP bows since you have the rocket launcher, but bringing back the OP swords and pickaxes in a new video to mix and match would be nice.

  • Poppy Curtis
    Poppy Curtis

    3:12 mins into the video I’m already laughing to death🤣🤣🤣

  • xXKing_ChaosXx Rojas
    xXKing_ChaosXx Rojas

    Still needs to add 0’s to Reginald

  • Aiden Massey
    Aiden Massey

    You should add 0s to Reginald

  • Chris decker
    Chris decker

    Endermen and zombies

  • Chris decker
    Chris decker

    I'm waiting for him to buff withers

  • Phantom Hawk
    Phantom Hawk

    Put 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 towards a single tnt

  • BlueFireDrakka

    and now we just gotta wait for Gray to kill the enderdragon... with an Enderdragon

  • Rika Erik share this vid
    Rika Erik share this vid

    It’s genuinely sad to see gray in this state I miss gray in 2019

  • HudgyDugy


  • Jaxon Leibach
    Jaxon Leibach

    Do the ender drago next

  • Big J
    Big J

    Gray you should add zeros to Reginald

  • Fruit5J _US
    Fruit5J _US

    He should upgrade chickens

  • Angeleyes16

    Can you please just make yourself buff already its time you get around yourself

  • Zach Schultz
    Zach Schultz

    *Return of the King*

  • Banders Cuder
    Banders Cuder

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  • WackyZachy

    Gray needs to play either 1) CrazyCraft or 2) any Minecraft competition... the commentary would be GOLDEN! edit: literally 50% of CrazyCraft w/Gray: “What the hell is that!!!”