i evolved horses into the most powerful mob in minecraft and this happened
i evolved horses into the most powerful mob in minecraft and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Anthony Hammouri
    Anthony Hammouri

    Greys bloodlust knows no bounds

  • Jaxon Crawford
    Jaxon Crawford

    Turtle abuse

  • Midnight_Lycanroc

    *Alright, we’re checking out the only game where you can upgrade horses to become cannibalistic psychopaths and crap out OP loot... it’s Minecraft* - *GrayStillPlays* 2021 You know Gray is gonna screw up the game when he tells his horse he can EAT THE GODDAMN VILLAGERS “I can fly I’m a wizard” Me: A wizard that should be in Azkaban.

  • Kzare

    And he still ending up roasting the horse...

  • laurin johnson
    laurin johnson

    reginald is TECHNICALY made using armor stand so zoglins and the wither with attack him

  • wizZ ꧂
    wizZ ꧂


  • Duk

    Once my portal spawn destroyed the blaze spawner.


    4:03 the scream 😌 sounds wonderful

  • Laine T
    Laine T

    upgrade Reginald

  • limbo

    What the hell is this guy's pc

  • Memes Kid
    Memes Kid

    I got the same type of Spawn but the side of chest and Blaze spawner

  • Zachary Myers
    Zachary Myers

    4:28 “this is the best wand” Me: that’s what she said

  • GalaxyAndCaleb

    Im sorry did he call the turtles, tortoises-? I- he did- •mad Turtle noises• nah im just playing, love ya vids keep up the chaotic work!

  • Logan Lughi
    Logan Lughi

    9:07 makes it look like grays wearing sunglasses

  • Miu Michinaga
    Miu Michinaga

    Next is Reginal.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony Malone

    Gray is like a mouse for carbs.

  • Jack of KnivesVA
    Jack of KnivesVA

    Level 10 is stronger than 999,999,999 in the thumbnail

  • Chrys blah
    Chrys blah

    Plug the merch. I forgot the site.

  • Aidan Edwards
    Aidan Edwards


  • Ashton Vasquez
    Ashton Vasquez

    I love it

  • Icefox 222
    Icefox 222

    Have a texture pack made with things like reg warmer's (flint and steel) reg jacuzzi water (lava)

  • Abram Benaim
    Abram Benaim

    Horses are used for going places gray. but now it’s a demon.

  • Official Littlemeow
    Official Littlemeow

    I’m coming but what type? *insert morshu hmmm meme*

  • Official Littlemeow
    Official Littlemeow

    Am I the only that thought he said of there’s the dire golem?

  • Official Littlemeow
    Official Littlemeow

    “Oh sweet baby Jesus carbs!”

  • Maxx Mason
    Maxx Mason

    Did Reginald have hearts over his head did you just try to mate with your horse

  • TrixSSO

    Grey: *Spwans in a nether fortress* Minecraft Speedrunners: 👁👄👁

  • TangleHasTripped

    Is nobody gonna talk about that nether spawn, though?? The game just decided the faster Gray finishes the game the sooner the suffering can end.

  • Reylly Amador
    Reylly Amador

    in rhe start reginald was lagging when gray said its minecraft

  • AceLT

    … how the hell does his pc handle this

  • Stacey

    It's grays transportation for breaking games

  • Cameron Hillmeyer
    Cameron Hillmeyer

    Also grey: you all need to drown

  • Cameron Hillmeyer
    Cameron Hillmeyer

    Grey: I love this village


    Gray start a video: His inventory after 1min: 2:05

  • Kill Switch Gaming
    Kill Switch Gaming

    Gray: names horse Megadeth Me: sweating bullets to giant horses

  • only gray is the god
    only gray is the god

    when gray makes cats op we will witness the true power of spleens and tonsils

  • Jori

    How does one summon thousands of Withers and not crash their Minecraft?

  • Stibiumowl

    11:22 I gues you can't be more evil than Satan, you are to kind to Reginald. 13:56 But your Horse is dead, oh pls no.

  • Delta The Gacha Demon
    Delta The Gacha Demon

    anyone else think this horse could be allmight from MHA like this post

  • Peter Andrew
    Peter Andrew

    You seem to have killed the ender dragon a lot, why not upgrade her for a change, add all the zeroes to her

  • ItIsYeCat Braylon
    ItIsYeCat Braylon

    What did I just witness?

  • shiela gijapon
    shiela gijapon

    Upgrade villagers into naruto

  • Mr. Rice
    Mr. Rice

    Video idea- worlds strongest man In Minecraft on the most powerful mob in Minecraft

  • Melissa Lute
    Melissa Lute

    I spawned on top of a nether fort once I was mega pog and now me and gray is a mega pog

  • fhg 23
    fhg 23

    Chould please make a way to download this mod

  • Fernanda Guidi
    Fernanda Guidi

    7:15 i think u got Dream's cheaty seed

  • Litten The Kitten
    Litten The Kitten

    11:08 You said you’ll never speak of it Doing it again is not speaking of it. So it is ok.

  • Gage King
    Gage King

    7 deadly sins reference

  • Aditya

    *It all starts with the abuse of some oak trees*

  • Lena Helen Østhaug
    Lena Helen Østhaug

    How does he do that >_< I want to feed horses weird stuff, but it doesn't work for me :c

  • Fin West
    Fin West

    You rule gray

  • Valerie Troutman
    Valerie Troutman

    when you make gray still plays into poseidon

  • rtx 90
    rtx 90

    How did he say Naruto? Narootoe?

  • Suiwhistory


  • Sleepy_Beans

    Yesterday, I was rewatching a Graystillplays episode, and someone said that gray sucks. I then picked up a rock and threw it at his eyes. Graystillplays is a god. We worship him.

  • Cricket Britt
    Cricket Britt

    HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN YOU POP UP ON MY FEED LATELY??? I thought my life was missing something

    • Cricket Britt
      Cricket Britt

      I'll have to binge I guess!!

  • bodhi marshall hoye gaming and memes
    bodhi marshall hoye gaming and memes

    U WATCH SEVEN DEADLY SINS DUDE no one else gets the reference lol. Merlins letting chaos out :/

  • Daphne Zeringue
    Daphne Zeringue


  • Jon raynil sorizo
    Jon raynil sorizo


  • Jon raynil sorizo
    Jon raynil sorizo


  • BebopBoi

    I'm surprised you haven't added zero's to carbs or Reginald yet.

  • zipy Control
    zipy Control


  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith

    What the heck are you a cow for types in Minecraft

  • Kate Zheng
    Kate Zheng

    I just love how your chicken is.

  • Johann van Niekerk
    Johann van Niekerk

    Can you please share the super ore mods :)

  • aadhi dev
    aadhi dev


  • Shelby Durfee
    Shelby Durfee

    Gray is like the Avengers. He comes to save the world but ends up destroying it in the process 🤣

  • 12B60DE1

    Upgrade the chicken boy

  • Viktor Müller
    Viktor Müller

    The tame hydrofoil willy improve because kangaroo ethically copy besides a steady kettle. sassy, poor brush

  • Aussie Assassin
    Aussie Assassin

    gray why did your horse change colors? 1:39 1:45

  • Flamboyant Confetti_thrower
    Flamboyant Confetti_thrower

    Naruto: Sasuke!! Sasuke: get back to training you-you WHORUTO!

  • Theo Buell
    Theo Buell

    Add bob into minecraft

  • Virgie Indab
    Virgie Indab

    do squids!

  • agent oreo 3000
    agent oreo 3000

    ok this is a normal episode


    The one horseman of destruction, the other 3 are dead

  • __Ni__

    Grey : YOUR VILLAGE WAS NOT BOUNTIFUL ENOUGH SO YOU ALL MUST DROWN me who sees hay bales : wait the carbs

  • Ian Blackwell
    Ian Blackwell

    Pig should be the next one

  • cute doggo
    cute doggo

    Did we just get clickbated

  • The Mid West Boys 69
    The Mid West Boys 69

    Gray-I can fly I’m a wizard Me-😂

  • Brianna Bailey
    Brianna Bailey

    You could've told the villagers to make an ark at least, Gray 😒

  • Alexander SMYTH
    Alexander SMYTH

    yo know the seven deadly sins

  • G4mmaLotus

    Gray @ 12:45: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qa90ZWasrmmnros.html

  • Jaxvidstar

    Furious D. makes a appearance. Could you make some mutant sea turtles as your next mob?

  • Matthew Farmer
    Matthew Farmer

  • fan of da bois
    fan of da bois

    This left me speechless

  • Ultimate Beast Bendy
    Ultimate Beast Bendy

    Are you gonna upgrade Reginald

  • Jashan Sharma
    Jashan Sharma

    Netflix-Are you still watching?? Gray- 8:02

  • Sykic Bananana
    Sykic Bananana

    When will it be reginalds turn to be masacisticly super upgraded 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  • DeathSong _ 13
    DeathSong _ 13

    I kind of feel bad for the ender dragon abuse so do the ender dragon next🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Foreman
    Liam Foreman

    It's One Jump Horse, horse of One Punch Man!

  • Sora Quill
    Sora Quill

    When is he gonna add zeroes to the ender dragon?

  • Chubby Turtle
    Chubby Turtle

    Is it just me or was Gray a little bit more psychotic than usual

  • Life of Aaron Broom
    Life of Aaron Broom

    I laughed So hard 😂😂😂

  • υωυ८คƿ८คƿ८คқ૯

    Can I give Reginald some applesauce?

  • H0LL0W

    Gray is the number 1 on the list of nemesis of peta bruh

  • Logan West
    Logan West

    to that loot i say noomnoomnoomnooonmooonm


    Why do they always crap out op loot 😆

  • Evan Lesovsky
    Evan Lesovsky

    upgrade chickens so reginald has body gaurds

  • Mini Bunny
    Mini Bunny

    Me: thinking about naruto Gray: my horse can ride on tree’s like naruto, boruto Me: since when did you watch naruto? Now your my favorite IRbinr

  • Van Truong
    Van Truong

    Where is your armor