i speedrun this 99.999% impossible tightrope challenge using my secret trick
i speedrun this 99.999% impossible tightrope challenge using my secret trick
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson

    This man's determination

  • mant icaloy
    mant icaloy

    that challenge is a pain in the @ss bruh

  • Daxtin Pierce
    Daxtin Pierce

    I can't tell if gray is the theater kid or the kid who played pumped up kicks during the theater kids final performance.

  • Flow XXX
    Flow XXX

    things i dont like about these videos: the intro every time, and the fact that grey stops after every checkpoint. things i DO like about these videos: everything else!

  • Four

    Imagine a board with no check point, seemingly very easy but then there's one singular hard spot that'll take a painful amount of time to complete

  • Harry gamerstyle
    Harry gamerstyle

    Gray 0:26 The board:ima tbag you instead

  • NicoleStillPlays

    Seeing the editor keeping a straight face is fun, but I can only imagine what he goes through on each video.

  • Shadow

    "I lived before I died" put on a t-shirt and you would definitely get my money. Just saying

  • daltonplaysthesax

    is there a way to see the names of the maps he's playing so I can try them out for myself?

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Gray: wonderful experience of having my bicycles straight up my crotch and come out myself dosen't die. Also gray: hits tightrope on back *dies*

  • Gebrane Abou Mjahed
    Gebrane Abou Mjahed

    7:05 excuse me this monologue has no reason to be so good, like i swear the "youre locked in here with ME" gives shivers

  • Raidok

    10:23 that’s better than most airlines

  • Julie Froat
    Julie Froat

    I feel like gray and Florida man are related

  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name

    the, 🤣

  • Jacob

    3:00 physics at its finest!

  • ItzMozzie

    I don't know why but I got jump scared on the congratulations effect.

  • Bunny Lord
    Bunny Lord

    15:41 He sounds so happy, like a little kid. To be honest it made me smile

  • Golden Griffin
    Golden Griffin


  • Keenan Graves
    Keenan Graves

    Can you play bike race (player made idiotic physycs torturing levels)

  • XxirontortolxX5 D
    XxirontortolxX5 D

    I think you already did but can you please do a face reveal if you didn’t

  • 🌹aaron🌹

    As a legand member I watched this very video being edited by his editor as a legand only video xd

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams

    Whats the map name?

  • guillermo mendoza
    guillermo mendoza

    The delicious soda unfortunately imagine because stool transmurally rot amongst a shallow taxicab. natural, obsolete drizzle

  • BrookStreet

    "I know you aren't support to go in the back way so imma try to come all the way around and go in through the front." -Gray

  • Glenn. Wilken
    Glenn. Wilken

    At 14:23 I was about to say this but a scratch Just a scratch your entire arm is taking off (this is a Monty python holy Grail reference)

  • Ivy99999

    "My Bike is steady, Palms are sweaty, mom's Yeet-gheti" I really thought this was where 6:46 was going. 😂😂

  • Insignus Gaming
    Insignus Gaming

    I never realized how incredibly boring editing can be until I saw his editor edit this

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams

    11:09 11:50

  • Aust bozz
    Aust bozz

    Can I play this on ps4 with my friends?

  • Valantis Alatsas
    Valantis Alatsas

    alternative title: falling upwards

  • Wingless Draco
    Wingless Draco

    So..... we just going to ignore the fact that the motorcycle has better flying controls than atleast 1/3 of the planes in the game?

  • sawmpuii Pachuau
    sawmpuii Pachuau

    When i read the end of the title i noticed that all of this war a secret trick 🧐😋😎

    • sawmpuii Pachuau
      sawmpuii Pachuau

      Graystillplays:im not locked in herewith you,youre locked in here with me Me:wha??!! Im locked with you??! Screw you and beyond!! Hahahah!!

  • Deadrot

    Gray saying "alright Maverick" and me being so happy I choke on my own spit cuz that's my name lmfao.

  • Alex :)
    Alex :)

    I love your chanel


    hey mavrick

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson

    Imagine gray open a airline 😂

  • Islux The First
    Islux The First

    You arr the personification of bad content

  • Gage Shaw
    Gage Shaw

    He needs to make a "checkpoint" shirt

  • Saima Sabri
    Saima Sabri

    more turbo dismount plz gray.

  • Buring Engineer
    Buring Engineer

    Breaking news: Florida man becomes plane after watching gta5

  • Wherl

    “Fresh sound of my testicular area being turned into mashed potatoes” gray 2021

  • Sayed Mohamed
    Sayed Mohamed


  • Derik Marrero Vargas
    Derik Marrero Vargas

    Where are the funny things

  • Derik Marrero Vargas
    Derik Marrero Vargas

    what is funny things is the thing

  • Lance joeferson Albano
    Lance joeferson Albano

    Satan:hello gray give me your soul Gray:which soul Satan:what aren't you a human Gray:no I am a demon above you

  • Zenitsu

    If gray ever had kids the number 1 rule he would have for them would be SCREW GTA BORDS

  • I Don't
    I Don't

    10:35 Engine

  • I Don't
    I Don't

    "I lived up until I died"

  • Noah S-B
    Noah S-B

    "I lived until I died" ~Gray, 2021


    10:34 - 11:00 Close your eyes and listen.

  • Lord of Sadness
    Lord of Sadness

    Oh god it's gray

  • HempMasterNinja

    I was chatting with the neighbor girl yesterday morning and she showed me how she had pierced her ears with a staple gun the previous night. (not really relevant I just have a habit of saying out loud whatever pops into my head)

  • Sebastian Naranjo
    Sebastian Naranjo

    Therapist: Gray flying upside down doesn’t exist it can’t hurt you Gray flying upside down:

  • ArticSpetsnaz

    Hey Gray, 2014 Jelly called, he says he wants his content back

  • Norfolk Southern Railworks
    Norfolk Southern Railworks


  • Waffles The Cat
    Waffles The Cat

    My grandparents story on how they went to school: this video.

  • aihtdikh

    Wait... motorbikes can fly in GTA?

  • Border the skeleton
    Border the skeleton

    Gray: "im like a cat, but i have more than 9 lives and im stupider" Oh so spleens

  • Psalm Hebrew Feliciano
    Psalm Hebrew Feliciano

    Gray:We Don't Need Physics Where Were Going. Friction :I dont think so

  • Christoph Wallner
    Christoph Wallner

    Was geht ab

  • Erik Kocsis
    Erik Kocsis

    "Going slow is for squares!" Your right Gray, we aren't squares... WE ARE CIRCLES.

  • Braiden Belieu
    Braiden Belieu

    Hear me out, hear me out... A t-shirt with Florida Man (be it an artist rendition or even a screenshot of the character) with the caption "CHECKPOIIIINT"

  • Juan Bean
    Juan Bean

    This video made me laugh so much thank you for creating this content grey

  • Vickie Waller
    Vickie Waller

    Why am I picturing Hyeonu from The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower as Florida man saying every line in this video as well as Gray's other GTA videos? It's so funny! Edit: yes, I am the same person who posted the comment below.

  • Samuel Shepherd
    Samuel Shepherd

    ive been watching for a while but still dont know what stay foxy means

  • Insomnia Animations
    Insomnia Animations

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a crackhead flying on a pink motorcycle!

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    I lived until I died -Graystillplays

  • HayesPlays

    Peace be upon you. I know my comment, it is not related to the video, but I want to inform you guys that I am downloading video games. I hope that you will not be short of support with me and I will work hard on my content channel

  • Rouge'sRoses

    Gray should have merch that says "We don't need physics where we're going!" And maybe some other merch with other Gray quotes?

  • Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
    Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij

    Cell to Singularity? Wuuuutt? PogChamp

  • I am exist
    I am exist

    You dont need physics but you need morals and ethics?

  • Sickoloan

    how do u find these maps? i cant find them on gta when im also on pc

  • •Talyns_gacharice•

    Hello gray. I eat the chicken nugget I hate life 😃

  • Queen Lotus
    Queen Lotus

    The flying motorcycle cracks me up every time.

  • Dylan Wakefield
    Dylan Wakefield

    6:17 is absolutely amazing

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G

    Loved the Rorschach quote !!!

  • Cooper Brouillette
    Cooper Brouillette

    "I lived until i died." Hmm the floor here is made out of floor

  • Jérôme Lahouel
    Jérôme Lahouel

    i clicked and it had 666 views


    666k views les go

  • Gun

    "Alright, we're checking out the only game that teabags physics until it apologizes for existing"

  • kenghi playz roblox
    kenghi playz roblox

    Bruh pug he legit go on one wheel -11:47

    • kenghi playz roblox
      kenghi playz roblox


  • youtubeguywhatever

    gray in the last videos: "goddamn it this is physics i need it" gray: *we dont need physics where were going*

  • The Tankman
    The Tankman

    666K views everyone,lets reach that goal

  • Manvi Sharma
    Manvi Sharma

    i love how he changes his voice to sound really like himself mkre stupider but at the end he just gets back to the actuall gentleman gray to hear his voice say "stay (something coc i never got it) amd much love

  • Obsidiaaan✅


  • Eric Blanton
    Eric Blanton

    The way he says “uhhhhhhhhhh... sure.” just freaking kills me 🤣

  • Commander Black heart
    Commander Black heart

    When gray already sounds depressed within the first ten seconds of the video, you know it’s gonna be a wild ride.

  • Emily Aspen
    Emily Aspen

    Why am I just finding this channel? I could have cured my depression years ago!!

  • Logen Mathews
    Logen Mathews

    It's a bird it's a plane it's graystillplays

  • Amazon

    I just wanna say that 3 years ago he was a nice person, then a tornado hit Miami where he lived. He came sadistic and masochistic man.

  • Red Dot (video creator)
    Red Dot (video creator)


  • Ashley Hudson
    Ashley Hudson

    Kids are waoching ok dot saye that go go

  • Xander Nelson
    Xander Nelson

    13:57 - 15:58 What is that backround music?! I could jam to that for hours.

  • Anna H
    Anna H

    I lived up until I died. ...Is that not how it normally works?

  • Monster Jam Aftermath
    Monster Jam Aftermath

    if you dont mind telling us, but what is this race link ?

  • xRandomxGamesx

    Gray can we have a non member drunk gta video, just an easy board to see how bad it is? Just asking because I'm poor.

  • Kevin Ngo
    Kevin Ngo

    What is the map/board

  • rougehunter 43
    rougehunter 43

    At this point gray should just play guts and Glory

  • Kooladman 2
    Kooladman 2

    I like how this was uploaded the day before mothers day and I just got an ad about a child escaping their mothers grasp.

  • Da Level is mine dude
    Da Level is mine dude

    Shut up and take my money!!