i played life in hardcore difficulty and this happened
i played life in hardcore difficulty and this happened
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ABOUT: erase one thing

erase one thing is a game that allows you to erase one part of a scene to change the meaning of it, this leads to very funny moments.

  • Max Waltz
    Max Waltz

    I love this so much

  • Ana Paula Pereira Dos Santos
    Ana Paula Pereira Dos Santos

    3:49 death revealed

  • CSE 13 07 abdul alim khan
    CSE 13 07 abdul alim khan

    I love how the devs are like, let's make it barely not nsfw. Like, if your workplace isn't too strict you can do this but if they are stern you're getting fired.

  • Foula Moula
    Foula Moula

    Gray your not the only one that was born crazy also I'm a boy

  • bandaiD


  • purpledoggy

    Hello People hope all of you have a great day or night 😁

  • Halley Aiden
    Halley Aiden

    i read it and it said gore and i went "Heck"

  • Cohen Bowers
    Cohen Bowers


  • imogen garnett
    imogen garnett

    Listen to this and remember it. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!m


    Hearing gray make these dirty jokes.makes me wonder.does he actually see those kind of videos or he just makes jokes about it?

  • Kaytlyn Hulke
    Kaytlyn Hulke

    I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • RopeDope20

    “This kid has like, derp up to 11, this is exactly me when I was born.” -GrayStillPlays 2021

  • Vice Admiral Cole
    Vice Admiral Cole

    Snap chat straight up stole this dude and put it in their little stories thing

  • Antonio Lupoli
    Antonio Lupoli

    5:31 When santa is Susan AMOGUS *Amogus music in da background*

  • Alp Tuna Tuncer
    Alp Tuna Tuncer

    I literally saw this on snapchat and recognised his voice

  • Eden Hernandez
    Eden Hernandez

    I thought I saw a nipple at 7:42 😅😂😗

  • Zachary Gross
    Zachary Gross

    Gray you got on Snapchat on top game clips!

  • Ginger De G.
    Ginger De G.

    This comment probably won't be read, but someone on Snapchat stole this video and posted it without giving credit. (It's called Top game clip, I reported them but idk if 1 report is going to change anything)

  • Howdymynameishow

    hey gray you should try bit life

  • Leo Martin
    Leo Martin

    Finally, the text isn't randomly generated I think...

  • maxerica69

    Thats not a riding crop. Thats a flogger or possibly cat o 9 tails

  • lego my eggo
    lego my eggo

    I searched up Minecraft and found this 😐

  • Red crewmate • 9999 years ago
    Red crewmate • 9999 years ago

    Did you sign up for a ad in this game

  • Tina Commans
    Tina Commans

    Anyone else stop drinking from watching Gray?

  • Demetrius Hiscox
    Demetrius Hiscox

    It's not a magic carpet, it's a magic *cardpet*

  • Gabe Garcia
    Gabe Garcia

    2:26 it only took three minutes:D

  • channel daffa nyuk nyuk
    channel daffa nyuk nyuk

    Why? graystillplay alwast don,t have any intro

  • Holly Wiggins
    Holly Wiggins

    Spleens the cat spleens in the sims 4 looks funny

  • Croatian Cookie
    Croatian Cookie

    Ah yes GrayStillPlays... Erasing people's happiness.

  • sadet


  • Chloe Hager
    Chloe Hager

    hi i almost died watching this cause i was drinking water and on the level with the password and the lock, when he says "what the hell" i choked on my water

  • Blue firey / Watery
    Blue firey / Watery

    7:16 looks like irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/p995qniovG-K1p0.html

  • Croatian Cookie
    Croatian Cookie

    5:35 Sometimes I think gray is a wee bit of a pervert (no offence gray)

  • XHunt Gaming - Youtube
    XHunt Gaming - Youtube

    See: We already *are* playing life on hardcore bc we only have one life.

  • Michael Lilley
    Michael Lilley

    🤬💀the skeleton was the grim reaper, bastard!🤬and you look at his boney balls!!🤢🤬💀

  • Akvilė Jasinevičienė
    Akvilė Jasinevičienė

    When gray destroyes your mind

  • Saul Alessio
    Saul Alessio

    that's not a riding crop..those are a Cat o' nine tails

  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name

  • ditcher


  • ditcher

    Saying do I have to actually use my beain

  • Luz Olivares
    Luz Olivares

    I'm know the type of the body



  • Roblox big booty boy
    Roblox big booty boy

    14:14 the biggest oof the world

  • Lucero Solares
    Lucero Solares

    Among us pls and I sub

  • WolfCraft

    5:46 is that Mario?

  • ElysiaTDM’S CHANNEL THINGY Productions!
    ElysiaTDM’S CHANNEL THINGY Productions!

    Excuse me what the hell

  • Owen Cole
    Owen Cole

    3:52 death is taking a shower he removed his clothes

  • Whitty

    hi bruhs xd

  • jayden small
    jayden small

    I like all the creators actually forgot to sensor out1 of the levels

  • mr.starwars.1488

    By the way Grey death was no sign the shower death was in the shower he had his cloak in sickle outside of it

  • Sam Richard
    Sam Richard

    3:27 that is me when I was born

  • insert_name_here

    Why do these game have so simple answers and sometimes dirty stuff

  • BurntSandwich

    I would rather want to play life in easy mode I forgot that i pressed challenging when selecting the dificulty of my life

  • Edward Guillermo
    Edward Guillermo

    I remember watching gray when he was 2.5m subs the sims The roller coaster Planet game

  • Veronica Enache
    Veronica Enache

    ,, kidnap'' its spelling,, kid",, nap"

  • GarcelloYT

    I love the series

  • Eighthavy Souvannasing
    Eighthavy Souvannasing

    Why was this made

  • Lolbit Glichy
    Lolbit Glichy

    The Things on there headsmis a head Mâsoger

  • Bloody God
    Bloody God

    No death is in the shower

  • 염철우

    The wonderful snowman clinicopathologically educate because watchmaker ordinarily paint like a remarkable lilac. repulsive, lopsided semicolon

  • Minna Rose Van der Kam
    Minna Rose Van der Kam

    the last one tho... 😰🍑🌶️

  • Lydia Collura
    Lydia Collura

    im allwas at home

  • Lydia Collura
    Lydia Collura

    get his mrch

  • Lydia Collura
    Lydia Collura

    i have that game

  • Caitlinplayz roblox
    Caitlinplayz roblox

    The cat is spleens, also the rabbit tho

  • Ofelia Segura
    Ofelia Segura

    3:13 shes smothering her two children while working from home

  • Ben10

    The skeleton is death in a shower

  • Wenelyn Dejosco
    Wenelyn Dejosco

    He sounds like PewDiePie

  • Inkmegalofnaf.EXEdollcipher

    Hey how do you turn off hardcore in real life, the "study" mechanic takes way too long

  • CodyDoesGacha

    i love how the only ads i got was about this game.

  • Camilla Arentoft
    Camilla Arentoft

    U u

  • Pamela Goncalves
    Pamela Goncalves

    I love it even more 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤙

  • Pamela Goncalves
    Pamela Goncalves

    I love it😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😅👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Salty Gamer
    Salty Gamer

    Appreciate the thumbnail

  • tanya gancheva
    tanya gancheva

    5:14 Gray:this is the most tamed thing in this game! 4 seconds later... Gray:OMG

  • Bella Donna
    Bella Donna

    Did u see on that level called something is wrong did u noticed that the little things were going in and out

  • Zenaida Mercurio
    Zenaida Mercurio

    Not sure is a but

  • Zenaida Mercurio
    Zenaida Mercurio

    A boy

  • Zenaida Mercurio
    Zenaida Mercurio

    Is a little kid

  • Zenaida Mercurio
    Zenaida Mercurio


  • Harry Cars
    Harry Cars

    Get the goose virus it's so funny

  • M312 Channel 2
    M312 Channel 2

    What is this thumbnail

  • Alexis Quealey
    Alexis Quealey


  • allelie perez
    allelie perez

    This is messed up bro

  • BlueMintNinja Plays
    BlueMintNinja Plays

    at 13:18 its giting wird

  • Oliver Duffy
    Oliver Duffy

    "help her lie down- OH MY GOD." (Ad) "Great deals..."

  • Hunter Taylor
    Hunter Taylor

    The bear much fruit at Freddy Fazbear from fnaf

  • nan h
    nan h

    But the lady is wearing the dress suit

  • Aiden Luckett
    Aiden Luckett

    I did it I used my hand to make it not touch

  • SolarX

    15:35 Sus

  • Carol Childress
    Carol Childress


  • DR. Spaghetti
    DR. Spaghetti

    Imagine gray had an actual eraser

  • mirkotablet milchev
    mirkotablet milchev

    5:33 sussy baka 🥵💅

  • Not a faliure
    Not a faliure

    In my family, I’m “captain diabeetus” *New name for a sim*

  • aphmau biggest fan mystreetbest
    aphmau biggest fan mystreetbest

    Gray and me must be related..........

  • monette meow
    monette meow


    • monette meow
      monette meow

      My lights are kinda flashing-

  • Grim Dragon
    Grim Dragon

    Death was in the shower

  • William Egly
    William Egly

    The skeleton is the grim reaper. It took me a sec.

  • HalfBreedMix

    3:50 I think the skeleton is Death, and his cloak and scythe are hanging on the wall hanger. Not sure why he's on the phone in a shower though ?

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The level insurance cosmetically back because pheasant relevantly agree against a physical yew. ordinary, swanky caution