i took speedrunning too far
i made speedrunning 10,000,000,000x more dangerous and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Dark “Darkmemes” Memes
    Dark “Darkmemes” Memes

    Me: *questioning the reason why there is not a and this happened in the title*

  • Thị Thanh Tâm Nguyễn
    Thị Thanh Tâm Nguyễn


  • cop liget
    cop liget

  • Izzaldin Ebus
    Izzaldin Ebus

    shove an tnt in the villiger but HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!§§§§

  • Deborah Wood
    Deborah Wood

    The hallowed spike comparatively fail because rest pharmacokinetically sign aboard a lewd island. stimulating, three saudi arabia

  • the crafty creeper
    the crafty creeper

    This speedrun is so good it made dream stop smiling

  • Elvis 311
    Elvis 311

    you are the walking meme "there was a spider now its gone"

  • Teehan Kir Kaye
    Teehan Kir Kaye

    R A I N A L L H E L L O N C U B E E A R T H

  • Lindsey Knudson
    Lindsey Knudson

    Gray is having too much fun P.S: i love your vids!

  • Dameon No
    Dameon No

    0.32% of people who watched this video commented 2021 June 18

  • Ranz Myrven Caberto
    Ranz Myrven Caberto

    Custom emojis

  • Spider God
    Spider God

    Out of the way I need your Carbs

  • Kenny Ledet
    Kenny Ledet

  • Joseph Stephenson
    Joseph Stephenson

    3:56 fancy seeing u here super ore

  • Jobama

    Ur boring

  • KennyWayne (Gooch)
    KennyWayne (Gooch)

    Every mob: sees its gray oh no

  • Matt_Gacha & Gaming
    Matt_Gacha & Gaming

    He changed the title reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Carter Ware
    Carter Ware

    Do super dust rocket launchers and super dust/ore so u can make super armor and tools

  • iamagamer :D
    iamagamer :D

    Gray:I will do a SPEEDRUN (w the boots that have power of speed) Also gray:(Cheats) Me:U ARE NOT WORTHY

  • Yah Kraft
    Yah Kraft


  • JC Stone
    JC Stone

    This née TF2 update looks weird

  • Gabriel Blackman
    Gabriel Blackman

    The nononononononononono part is mah favorite

  • Gabriel Blackman
    Gabriel Blackman



    Wait until he actually slaps zeroes onto something in the code

  • Antisocial Bear-Wolf
    Antisocial Bear-Wolf

    I want a sticker that says *ROOKIE NUMBERS* I would buy 12 and stick them everywhere as a reminder to be a menace to the universe

  • Avril Horvath
    Avril Horvath

    You should ad a endermend upgrade video.

  • Broken CrownPlayz
    Broken CrownPlayz

    GrayStillPlays, the legend who evaporates water at a single touch, so masochistic you couldn't comprehend. He who tamed hell itself.

  • EZVETmx

    What mod are you using

  • Miranda Wade
    Miranda Wade

    is that a mod?

  • McFlurry kid
    McFlurry kid


  • megan fontenot
    megan fontenot


  • John Violette
    John Violette

    Gray: gets a zero in school Also Gray: *laughing maniacally*

  • John Violette
    John Violette

    I need this mod.

  • Shane Moar
    Shane Moar

    ⚔️. 🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡 Really I just just wondering if I had something for a Die

  • {shiggy}

    I feel like gray is not lying about spawning next to a legitimate village cuz every time I make a server I always spawn next to a village

  • Derpa Turtle
    Derpa Turtle

    Hey Grey do you think you could fight a harder boss with the increased damage and items

  • Javan Pierre
    Javan Pierre

    Gray is there a chance that I can play Minecraft with u one day

  • Nolan Anaya
    Nolan Anaya

    imagine "i made original 10,000,000,000x more dangerous and this happened"

  • truehyperwilliam

    Ladies and gentlemen The Jericho.

  • Lilly Greer
    Lilly Greer

    I really want to join but utube doesn't let me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Shinigaara85

    It's nice that you went to fight the Ender Dragon cosplaying The Reverse Flash.

  • Constilation Wolf
    Constilation Wolf

    Me: sees this finding the chaos hilarious. Also me: *"Let's pray the the all mighty lords of heaven and hell that this is never in real life because every on would DIE."*

  • Paxtoboss12

    How did he not destroy the e end portal

  • Josiah Clark
    Josiah Clark

    "Just wait until we get to netherite." *w h a t*

  • Yeet

    The boots remind me of the main character from fire force and his devil feet

  • Emma Claassen
    Emma Claassen

    Gray should play minecraft with dream

  • The Log-Inn
    The Log-Inn


  • sudipghosh sudip ghosh
    sudipghosh sudip ghosh


  • 72 X 5 360
    72 X 5 360

    11:54 welcome to The channel Me=Thanks

  • fireblaster 2615
    fireblaster 2615

    Soilder tf2 sees this Soilder: now that's what I wana see

  • fireblaster 2615
    fireblaster 2615

    Soilder tf2 sees this Soilder: now that's what I wana see

  • robert thomas
    robert thomas

    If you go forward a little bit gray says alright so were checking out the only game were you can decide if a villager is edebal that you can destroy the whole planet

  • Diamond Heart1123
    Diamond Heart1123

    Your a literal maniac. xD

  • J1ust

  • mr fakharuddin
    mr fakharuddin


  • Navyseal107 IDK
    Navyseal107 IDK

    He sounds like papyrus

  • Zachary Braud
    Zachary Braud


  • Zachary Braud
    Zachary Braud


  • Zachary Braud
    Zachary Braud


  • Zachary Braud
    Zachary Braud


  • Zachary Braud
    Zachary Braud


  • Plasma

    For a split second I see a creeper when the rocket launcher projectile hits the ground

  • Januel Torres
    Januel Torres

    You do know that it’s the ho that is better at destroying trees

  • 2031 Brody Baker
    2031 Brody Baker


  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool

    Not enough Zero's


    Florida man breaks speedrunning in minecraft 0.1 seconds

  • Rimench Gurung
    Rimench Gurung

    Hey gray I want you to upgrade yourself and in your final form you can poop god items and spikes

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The placid value traditionally tease because office focally intend mid a aggressive sauce. good, productive philippines

  • Super Mario Richer
    Super Mario Richer

    It's sad to see that Gray is cutting leaves with a sword even though it doesn't help with the speed of mining the leaves. why?

  • Akash is here
    Akash is here

    You're 😈

  • Robert Gregor
    Robert Gregor

    7:31 ENEMY AC139 ABOVE MEME RIGHT HERE SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Also can someone make this a modpack for Minecraft fabric 1.16.5 or forge 1.16.4

  • Brian Blue
    Brian Blue

    I agree

  • J.Ludlow

    He wasn’t lying he is speedrunning

  • CalebUnboxed

    RAIN HELL ON ALL!!!!!!

  • themaxedouthman

  • Crimson Xero
    Crimson Xero

    Hey Gray, can you provide a link for the mod you showcased in this video?

  • Pika-Jolt9000

    Found the channel like 3 minutes ago and I've already laughed my ass, lungs, heart, and soul out Jesus Christ!!!

  • Vincent Shoulak
    Vincent Shoulak

    What do you do with super ore

  • _EastCoast_

    7:33 You said it wrong, the line is "Justice rains from above!" 😂

  • Erlinda Morante
    Erlinda Morante


  • sarah neeman
    sarah neeman

    Make more happy wheels and Minecraft

  • •GalacticCandy•

    Alt title: GrayStillPlays being a phycopath for a Minecraft video

  • Brad Macdonald
    Brad Macdonald

    “I can rain death from above “ 😈

  • Pierre

    I wanna destroy all life of moms in earth

  • Jameer Taylor
    Jameer Taylor

    0:24 this is normal...right?

  • MasterKKlaw

    never in my whole time watching graystillplays has he gave mercy. Go to 6:48

  • KitCat 48
    KitCat 48

    I have never seen so many in my life! That's exactly what I expect from our lord Gray .

  • Matt Chap
    Matt Chap

    I heard that he’s going to put fireworks in watermelon’s and blow them up and I instantly started searching for his membership

  • Uğur Torun
    Uğur Torun

    You not smart

  • Artem Yeryomin
    Artem Yeryomin

    Are we not gonna talk how he found a fortress and a bastion?

  • Clementine Marsh
    Clementine Marsh

    Gray proved that Minecraft is a simulation by outrunning the program, we are all free now!

  • janelva esquilona
    janelva esquilona

    You explode the world

  • Rick Mattison
    Rick Mattison

    Let's do a little math here: Sonic + TF2 Beggar's Bazooka x10 + a thousand tons crack = this video. Edit: the ending would've made the SEXIEST Minecraft Market Garden ever! Soundsmith would be impressed!

  • caden sand
    caden sand

    but nobody is going to talk about how he tried to make nethrite boots out of four neatherite ingots

  • MrM4gnus

    He forgot how to make nether it’s boots lmao

  • 🦉 sowa 🦉
    🦉 sowa 🦉

    hey graystillplays Upgrade reginald PLZ

  • Jordan Fadeyi
    Jordan Fadeyi

    6:08 : my man should be the sith lord with that laugh

  • Syahreza Reza
    Syahreza Reza

    The whole bastion jus got oblitteraited

  • Epsilonius

    Because of grey. Every time I hear someone say 'alright I get flashbacks

  • gamerhash5678

    No one talking about that he tried to make netherite boots from ingots not by upgradeing diamond boots?