i made literally everything fall from the sky and this happened
i made rain 1,000,000x more dangerous and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • NickGamerPlayz

    lucky block: just keep swimming in nether every minecraft player ever: wait thats illegal

  • Denise Harrison
    Denise Harrison

  • Paul Delaney
    Paul Delaney

    Reginald the chicken is on fire. Must be Tuesday.

  • RickTheReck

    Back then: Meh the villager can die Now: NO THE POOR DOLPHIN!!!

  • Cobbely

    Bacon brigade XD

  • Ronan Cass
    Ronan Cass

    Breaking news, local Psycopath puts Water in the Nether, will anyone stop this man!?

  • clockFox Gaming
    clockFox Gaming

    5:42 lol

  • ·weirdcore lolipopz·
    ·weirdcore lolipopz·

    Me when I saw the thumbnail: ItS rAnInIg MeN

  • Alex

    What should I be worried about my sanity or greys

  • Caitlyn Walsh
    Caitlyn Walsh

    Gray trying to make a netherite pickaxe with ingots completely broke me.

  • Timothy-Noah Harrington
    Timothy-Noah Harrington

    I looked at the lucky blocks and got PTSD

  • Khloe the furry
    Khloe the furry

    I love how it played the oOoOO sound effect When he found *carbs*

  • EnderGal

    hey grey, i think you would like this youtuber boffy

  • Phoneix

    Best moment 10:52

  • Emily_ Animetor
    Emily_ Animetor

    omg you always make me laugh till i ded, that literally happened to me yesterday

  • Blake Carnline
    Blake Carnline

    When in doubt add more and more zeros

  • Hunter Magnuson
    Hunter Magnuson

    This is my favorite Minecraft video of yours, the authentic panic and chaos is so uniquely Gray that I can't look away.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    How did you do this

  • Erich Curtis
    Erich Curtis

    That looks like normal Minecraft for me

  • Tophatter McKenzie
    Tophatter McKenzie

    Can we just stop and think for a second about the fact that there is FREAKING WATER IN THE NETHER

  • Panther ji gaming
    Panther ji gaming

    Super bro 💕 nice gameplay

  • Stanley Chouinard
    Stanley Chouinard

    If you know the Florida coast guard put a mod in Minecraft

    • Stanley Chouinard
      Stanley Chouinard

      Do it

  • Nuya


  • Stacey

    Minecraft loot rain mod: I'm the best Gray: *hahahahah* allow me to change that

  • Asgardian Queen 1014
    Asgardian Queen 1014

    I think that Gray just goes insane when he plays Minecraft.

  • TeaMan Ravager 27
    TeaMan Ravager 27

    the fact he does not open shulker boxes make me mad

  • Psycho Lamborghini
    Psycho Lamborghini

    This is by far the best episode ever cause of the amount of *chaos*

  • Aether Gaming
    Aether Gaming

    “This is far beyond stupidly bad” -gray’s last words

  • Michael Isaacs
    Michael Isaacs

    yup, that's literally everything.

  • kojjuc

    Does gray now shulker boxes work like chests, too?

  • kek 2
    kek 2

    The thing that cracked me up the most is that he got water in the nether

  • ColonelJar


  • ColonelJar

  • Lennerthan Garcia
    Lennerthan Garcia

    florida man be like: first time?

  • Monique James
    Monique James

    Another attractive lucky Box video

  • NotAFox

    Everyone gangster till Gray tries to make a pickaxe out of netherite in a crafting table

  • placidbatonFinal

    The world is starting to look like minecraft 4k

  • john resner
    john resner

    TNT rain more like TNT pain!

  • Zombie Doctor
    Zombie Doctor

    maybe we shouldn't tell Gray that you can randomize items in the game.

  • AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
    AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .

    Pokémon Death (Gotta Find them All!)

  • ÈXótîçEGGZ

    If i get a pet chicken in honor of grey im naming it rejonald

  • Mandy Bellamy
    Mandy Bellamy

    hey grey, you should do an episode where you make those chests fall, but the only supplies you are allowed to use have to come from the chests. i bet it would be a good "i upgraded chests by 1,000,000x and made them fall from the sky" :)

  • CK Friends
    CK Friends

    Wow. Only gray can cause a level of mayhem that brings WATER TO THE NETHER

  • Howard Combs
    Howard Combs

    Irene normal video without the best thing in the world adding zeros yeet 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000”00000000000000000000000000

  • Lyrick Irwin
    Lyrick Irwin

    A new Minecraft video should have grey saying this at the beginning All right we're playing the only game where you take the ender dragon cut her up until little pieces and surve as sushi, it's Minecraft. More dyeing damn it

  • mickaessame

    "I don't think I managed to get the bow of d- OH MY GOD" my favorite line of the video: 10:50

  • Ellie_ Midoriya
    Ellie_ Midoriya

    Screw normal therapy this is REAL theray

  • Osaeloka Ilodibia
    Osaeloka Ilodibia

    Open GL is Minecraft rent during engine so when he went to the end for no reason at all opengl errored out

  • Adam The Bomb
    Adam The Bomb

    15:08 made me laugh

  • schonnj

    "This is madness...!" "Madness..?" "THIS IS GRAYSTILLPLAYS!!!!!" *Spartakick to reasonability*

  • 1Mythic

    bruh did you actually try to make a netherite pickaxe like the way u make a normal pick... ok nvm i shouldnt bother that

  • BloodyMetalAngel

    I cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Tuachi Xiong
    Tuachi Xiong

    10:52 I want the bow of "D'Oh my God!"

  • Kimberly Rensing
    Kimberly Rensing

    You should kill the under dragon but would just dogs but instead of dogs there the really buff shiba inu dog With hundreds of zeroes on them ( So basically really OP buff dogs)

  • Memelord12

    gray just turned the geneva conventions in to the genvea suggestions

  • Juan Carlos Fortuno
    Juan Carlos Fortuno

    Keep the polar bear in your videos.

    • Juan Carlos Fortuno
      Juan Carlos Fortuno


  • FlameWing4069

    "Alright we're checking out the only game where anything can literally fall from the sky, *it's Minecraft."*

  • Celestia Ludenberg, Ultimate Gambler
    Celestia Ludenberg, Ultimate Gambler

    average day in america

  • Stibiumowl

    0:59 Be carefull, Mending-Enchantment on a Unbreakable-Gear might be a actual(!) curse as it drains your Xp for no reson if it would never break but drains repaircosts.

  • William Keith
    William Keith

    Hey Grey if your masochism is too low how about going for complete chaos. Every disadvantage for you every advantage for the mobs. Add all the zeros to everything but you and your equipment. And maybe just for the heck of it negative zeros for you. YES i said NEGATIVE ZEROS.

  • Rascal Boy Devil
    Rascal Boy Devil

    Greg: kills dragon with thorns Also Greg: THIS BOW IS AMAZING

  • Xenodude 682
    Xenodude 682

    Make a vid where carbs are the ultimate item

  • Kristine Cabardo
    Kristine Cabardo

    Upgrade the ender dragon

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s so funny Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • CT-6116 Kix
    CT-6116 Kix

    no joke, my youtube just crashed watching this 😂

  • A Pixie's Whisper
    A Pixie's Whisper

    4:44 Me when a Creeper blew up in my house and KILLED MY CAT

  • Controlfreak Official
    Controlfreak Official

    I never thought Gray could've added so many zeros that the game literally becomes too OP and stupidly insane. Gray has way too much power for one man.

  • Challenge gaming YT
    Challenge gaming YT

    10:45 when a door closes another one opens

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger

    Have it rain fire but every minute not only does it get faster but the fire balls get bigger Reginald would love it.

  • EmoPikachu93

    I kinda want this as a mod. Any item, entity, structure just falling from the sky. Maybe just when it rains though.

  • Sebastian Brandt
    Sebastian Brandt

    Plot twist : It was God whe sent all that crap down to Eartg , cause he was getting jealous of Reginald !


    We need cats with zeros

  • renger91

    Part 2 please!

  • ForEva4Eva

    This is LIT AF. I wanna play

  • Me

    Glorified killer litter.

  • João Bertoncini
    João Bertoncini

    At this point this is only "Just Cause" in minecraft.

  • Deathyy YT
    Deathyy YT

    6:10 when your too rich in Minecraft so you decided to you use 3 netherite ingots to make a netherite pickaxe

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    Today's forecast calls for a 90% chance of chaos followed by winds of regret moving at about 70 mph

  • Cyan Tasks
    Cyan Tasks

    smithing table be like: am i a joke to you

  • Gold Steel
    Gold Steel


  • Skermit

    Reality: *Is being destroyed every second* Reginald: Is this heaven?

  • Luna Umbra
    Luna Umbra

    Alternative title: Weather Report uses his stand to play Minecraft

  • whyisyoulying 1
    whyisyoulying 1

    Hey Gray, did you know that after killing the Ender Dragon, you can revive her

  • r mo
    r mo

    Pure anxiety inducing chaos.

  • KipanZ

    I love how his thumbnails are like mobile game ads

  • urokg lxvso
    urokg lxvso

    im surprised he didn't die within the first 30 seconds

  • Mathias Goossens
    Mathias Goossens

    it wasn't the bow it was the thorns

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

    The historical thrill microcephaly end because card certainly lick abaft a round lumber. meek, ethereal cap

  • Raphael Roberge
    Raphael Roberge

    What is the song at 3:15?

  • CrazyGeko64

    Honestly, at this point, I think Doni Bobes would love these mods to troll with.

  • BioWars Gaming
    BioWars Gaming

    should have used the shulker boxes in the chests

  • Kelyn Myers
    Kelyn Myers

    Help, What should I do if my reginald sponatoniusly combusts

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin

    He was mad when he dident get the bow of doom but then opens one chest and gets all the things he needs to go to the end that went form him being sad to him being OVER welmed

  • Paimon is emergency food.
    Paimon is emergency food.

    The finding nemo reference-

  • Center 4 Nerds
    Center 4 Nerds

    Narrator: he did it again

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott

    Did gray try to make a netherite pick with netherite bars?

  • kezandunicorns

    The nether just looked like a different kind of Tetris...on acid

  • ironmanjrb

    Buff bees danm it

  • Isaac Ellis
    Isaac Ellis

    Upgrade reginald

  • Jacobo Hernandez G
    Jacobo Hernandez G

    Even zeros