i made literally everything edible and this happened
i made literally everything edible and this happened
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Lolly Gameables
    Lolly Gameables

    Given his affinity for flames, I have decided that Reginald is (at least part) Pheonix.

  • LaCabraAsada

    Luffy: eats fruit Izuku: eats hair Yuuji: eats finger Eren: eats father Gray:

  • Prism Of Fire
    Prism Of Fire

    Where can I get my own Reginald in minecraft?

  • Robbie Maders
    Robbie Maders

    Grey: eats sand Grey : as I expected taste like coaccane

  • Hulé Warren ;p
    Hulé Warren ;p

    2:38 sounds like he said my name :0 that's crazy😂 I looked around like someone actually called me

  • Paul Matthews
    Paul Matthews

    What happens if u eat ur armor or ur axe or something like that

  • Kerem Duyar
    Kerem Duyar

    Pica in a nutshell... but on lethal amounts of LSD

  • Aeryn Rae
    Aeryn Rae

    What happens if you eat a bed? If u can

  • Sondra In AZ
    Sondra In AZ

    Why did that squid die? 7:02

  • Xx_xtremeskateboard6 9
    Xx_xtremeskateboard6 9

    Why is he a Minecraft you tuber now

  • Jackomacro


  • chloe nicole robles
    chloe nicole robles

    Eat diamond get diamond

  • chloe nicole robles
    chloe nicole robles

    You can duplicate diamond

  • Logan Lughi
    Logan Lughi

    Also Super ore to, Super saplings, and super dust...?

  • Logan Lughi
    Logan Lughi

    How about eating copper, bedrock, netherite, diamonds, magma, inside an, and the other good stuff with legit CARBS

  • Gabriel Curtis
    Gabriel Curtis

    The wholesome relationship between gray and reginald is as strong as the love gray has for budlight and torture.

  • Avril Horvath
    Avril Horvath

    You should have ate the egg !!!!

  • kill killer
    kill killer

    hell yeah

  • Bailey Hargrove
    Bailey Hargrove

    1:26 the ultimate yo mamma joke

  • redstone shocaser
    redstone shocaser

    Grey went kamikaze on that golem.

  • qserfworks

    I want this mod pack

  • MinerMaster Gaming
    MinerMaster Gaming

    9:28 how did you suddenly have 12, 11, and then 12 again

  • youwantchoccymilk

    *F O R B I D D E N V E G A N*

  • Cizy *
    Cizy *

    Just imagine walking around your Minecraft world just to eat your sword

  • - Thanawat -
    - Thanawat -

    “Some people carry a shield for protection, I carry a tnt for” CONSUMPTION

  • game editor78
    game editor78

    does it bother anyone else that in all of his videos he breaks crafting tables with a pickaxe?

  • ඞCorrtuped fnf Kitඞ
    ඞCorrtuped fnf Kitඞ

    im a kid and i like your channel

  • ඞCorrtuped fnf Kitඞ
    ඞCorrtuped fnf Kitඞ

    * eats crafting * Game: ahhh yes iron poop

  • Gahna Mohana
    Gahna Mohana

    It heals me cause mother nature does that -A crackhead

  • Outcast

    It's basically Bear Grills mod 2.0.

  • TheCrystalGuardian

    6:35 My little brother did chewed on a glass once when he was a kid and luckily he never recieved any damage from that.

  • Konki

    0:11 if you look at it as if the two darker pixels at the bottom is the mouth it’s really funny looking XD

  • Shadow UwU
    Shadow UwU

    Gray use a pick axe ⛏ on a iron golem it does more damage

  • zombie pigman (not zombiefied piglin)
    zombie pigman (not zombiefied piglin)

    He can eat blocks and get their ability i can use 1 precent of my power

  • Abdul Aziz08
    Abdul Aziz08

    You cheat in minecraft

  • Rhonda Parkes
    Rhonda Parkes

    why not say yeeha chuklefucks

  • Captain Jack 98
    Captain Jack 98

    Grays so powerful that when the endermen looks in his eyes the endermen runs

  • Rqymynf Lofamia
    Rqymynf Lofamia

    Emagine eating the ender egg it will make you so POWERFUL

  • ArcmageZaln

    where can i find the mod for this? if its available that is.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Does... does anyone else ever think about how grey would act irl if there were no video games?

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Gray : aaaaaaaaaaaaa Gray : I hear a lot of groaning. :/

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Eats tnt no goku

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    He's toylit brakes ooo it's netherite helmet

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Yay now I know how to cook food LMAOOO

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Eats diamond : turns to Midas

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Eat oak poop oak

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Eats iron : Gray : I'm iron man

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Eats hay : Gray : I'm he man

    • Maycee Tennison
      Maycee Tennison

      More like horse

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    How to mine : pickax Gray: eat cobblestone

  • Maycee Tennison
    Maycee Tennison

    Mmm delicious end dragon

  • hatosan lameto
    hatosan lameto

    I wish I can the bedrock and obsidian....... I think it's will be taste delicious and crispy😋.

  • T Mc
    T Mc

    Eats a command block I am now god

  • shadow

    Upgrade reganal

  • Moonpetal

    Gray’s just eating TNT and you can just hear the horses screams in the background 🤣🤣🤣

  • K. Leandro P.
    K. Leandro P.

    Did not eat pearl, obsidian,..? What deception

  • Roan's Stop Motions
    Roan's Stop Motions


  • Sora Quill
    Sora Quill

    I feel like coal is very famously not immune to fire

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M

    eat bedrock

  • Jellibee.

    7:03 the squid dying was perfectly on beat

  • Benj B.
    Benj B.


  • Ugly useless Piece Of Toilet Paper
    Ugly useless Piece Of Toilet Paper


  • Ugly useless Piece Of Toilet Paper
    Ugly useless Piece Of Toilet Paper

    Eat everything like The world

  • Alexis Handy
    Alexis Handy

    The torpid locust metrically suppose because game computationally wish sans a tacit chick. impartial, smiling fog

  • Owen Xu
    Owen Xu

    Wait Gray you didn’t eat super ore

  • Dynomite

    eat eyes

  • Steel & Hammer
    Steel & Hammer

    What’s the name of the mod to get super ore?

  • Vitaliy Otlyev
    Vitaliy Otlyev

    ahah he sended one eye accidentally and he ahd only 12 so he went to creative to activate the portal lol.

  • Josh Lumley
    Josh Lumley

    What if he eat a sword or a bow or somthing

  • Johann van Niekerk
    Johann van Niekerk

    Is it possible to share the super ore mods

  • ItsUnpug


  • Abdul Omar
    Abdul Omar

    3:28 *You're now a Giga Tank.*

  • That_ PUBG_Player_556
    That_ PUBG_Player_556

    Grey: eats a crafting table me: I wonder if I can eat cooked beef

  • Addie Lynn
    Addie Lynn

    7:06 RIP squid in the background

  • KaydonPlayz

    Hat bake eating is like the big bang animal edition

  • 123 double o z
    123 double o z

    He calls it projectile vomiting but he's literally going to take a dump on the Ender Dragon

  • Nathan Delgado
    Nathan Delgado

    I really thought that you can eat the Ender egg

  • Tabitha Ladd
    Tabitha Ladd

  • Тарас Михальчук
    Тарас Михальчук

    Що я тут роблю?

  • Angie O
    Angie O

    I want gray to play RL Craft 😭😭

  • Skelebro28 82
    Skelebro28 82

    Alternative title, Gray turns into Kirby...by consuming his soul.

  • Ripak Raj
    Ripak Raj


  • Melania pintus
    Melania pintus

    I like that gray is singing smoke on the water in every episodes

  • Layla Mancha
    Layla Mancha

    11:18 ‘sorry I just had to “torchure” these people’

  • Umang Sheel
    Umang Sheel

    Alternate Title: Watch Gray as he eats everything to ever exist, become OP, and eat more while making jokes

  • Zachary Turpin
    Zachary Turpin

    Should release your mods would be amazing to try this

  • *Crystal_fox*

    As soon as I saw the zombified piglin riding the chicken I immediately thought "Michael!" Only dream smp fans would get it

  • Ducky

    Why’d I get the notification for this video six days later?!?

  • PandemoniumMeltDown

    Gray's mom: Gray! How many times have I told you to not mine with your food!?!

  • God's House
    God's House

    3:27 love it

  • yunkiana

    what is the mod?

  • Blade666

    Add 30000000000000000000000000000000 zeros to Reginald

  • Circle orange 2
    Circle orange 2

    Dude your smart how do you make this stuff

  • Liam Merle
    Liam Merle


  • Ty Bostler
    Ty Bostler

    have this mod and the faster eating mod and pure rapid fire.

  • Christopher Stickels
    Christopher Stickels

    tnt graystillplays like more tntstillplays

  • male y/n
    male y/n

    Why didn't you do bedrock

  • Ok

    I can not wait to get a computer/laptop.

  • Psycho_SavekillqqpYTRB

    Fun fact. Greys skin fits him perfectly

  • Tyrian

    Eat the dragon egg.

  • Kenem Zuluaga
    Kenem Zuluaga