I forced sheep to evolve 10,000,000 years
when you upgrade sheep into the strongest mob in minecraft
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Skyler Shearin
    Skyler Shearin

    Gray:Alr first things first 1.dye the sheep 2. Clip the sheep *Does it* AND NOW WE GOT THICCC LOOT Me: *Dying and wheezing after hearing that*🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 "AND NOW WE GOT THICC LOOT"🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jessica Yang
    Jessica Yang

    S h e e p :)

  • Robocatssj3

    Super Saiyan sheep is pretty much the yellow dyed one.

  • Mary Ann Nash
    Mary Ann Nash

    Bristol plays upgrade bees

  • Anabelle Sayugo
    Anabelle Sayugo

    upgrade reganild

  • SirinxSniper

    Red sheep = Dynamite Black sheep = Fat man

  • Kzare

    So Alpha sheep is actually the strongest creature in Minecraft.

  • Jenny Trần
    Jenny Trần

    Dont let the dogs attack sheep



  • GlitchTale Ender
    GlitchTale Ender

    why do i love these videos so much?

  • B C
    B C

    This might be a bad idea, but why not upgrade the Ender Dragon

  • ray wang
    ray wang

    2 different grays when he plays minecraft = slogo when grays play random games or happy wheel = letgameitout

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith

    Can I get an upgrade Reginald chain

    • Ashlyn Smith
      Ashlyn Smith

      Upgrade Reginald

  • ember flyte
    ember flyte

    You can make a sheep rainbow by getting a name tag a d naming it _jeb or something like that

  • Meliodas

    The laugh after shearing the black sheep just was horrifying

  • O'Neal Trice
    O'Neal Trice

    Make a little turd mod to where you can theatre shows different things and then they'll grow up to be a abomination that can kill the ender dragon in one hit

  • Just_cooper_ YouTube
    Just_cooper_ YouTube

    Do yeet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Æ Fan
    Æ Fan

    Great name the sheets jeb you’ll get a secret with the sheets

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal


  • Trevor Henderson Expert
    Trevor Henderson Expert

    Me:Black sheep is my favorite. Also me when he clips it: TACTICAL NUKE INCOMEING!!!

  • Renee Luciani
    Renee Luciani

    sheep gang

  • NightHawk975

    Gray: sorting his inventory Also Gray: on fire and isn't panicking Me: eh probably just a normal Tuesday for him

  • Aj Conder
    Aj Conder

    Tactical Nuke Incoming!!! *Shears Black Sheep*

  • New union official channel
    New union official channel

    Call of duty sweat: I did your mom Russians: no, MOTHER RUSSIA DOES YOU

  • Max R
    Max R

    Great there is 16 different colors in Minecraft at least that you can dye sheep wool

  • cslyocl

    Hey squid i need your inksack . Me: wtf

  • Tuxedo Duck
    Tuxedo Duck

    What was the level 10 sheep in the thumbnail

  • DarkFoxTrue

    Me here waiting for super squid

  • ItIsYeCat Braylon
    ItIsYeCat Braylon

    Oh no it’s a chad. wait... ITS A CHAD

  • April Light
    April Light

    Upgrade Reginald

  • Sara Barnett
    Sara Barnett

    *mAnIaCaL lAuGhTeR iNtEnsIfIeS*

  • La Ninja
    La Ninja


  • La Ninja
    La Ninja


  • Tyler Nguyen
    Tyler Nguyen

    Thumbnail is cursed.

  • Aidan Burger
    Aidan Burger

    Gray: hey squid Gimmie your ink sac you're not using it Gray: hits squid Squid: USES ITS INK SAC

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell

    do it to skeletons.

  • Kid fix it
    Kid fix it


  • Batjargal Baasanjav
    Batjargal Baasanjav

    6:16 its a wolf 🤔🤔🤔

  • SelJPM Minecraft
    SelJPM Minecraft

    how u do this sheep upgrading etc

  • Ray Belanger
    Ray Belanger

    *looks at title* so you are turning sheep into bunnies? (group of bunnies = mob)

  • Mrs. Troll
    Mrs. Troll


  • Nameless

    "Are you a florist? No I'm an arsonist" is my favorite quote

  • Starflight's Channel
    Starflight's Channel

    If Bo Peep was from Florida:


    I meant gray


    Me:is the village real :gary:no

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper

    13:10 Drowned Zombie has Super Ore Dust

  • -{*TheAloneWeeb*}- happy pride month!
    -{*TheAloneWeeb*}- happy pride month!

    He needs to fight the wither with one of these mods

  • Johann van Niekerk
    Johann van Niekerk

    Please share the super ore mods

  • WinnepegFish

    @graystillplays Can I have the link

  • Aaron Reynolds
    Aaron Reynolds

    The absorbed couch terminally strip because sardine normally wash alongside a acidic feast. striped, venomous lentil

  • Ayda Stephenson
    Ayda Stephenson

    can you do a wolf if you did not

  • 123 double o z
    123 double o z

    Imagine you're a farmer and Graystillplays comes around while you're gone and just drugs all of your sheep with iron and colors them all black you come back home you share your sheep and suddenly you hear the sirens and you're like 👀

  • WinnepegFish

    uh can anyone get me a link for this mod? this s*** be lit

  • Dripy

    this is like jump force but its naruto

  • RobloxGames YT
    RobloxGames YT

    4:25 nah he has the super villain laugh

  • Tron Roman
    Tron Roman

    Whats pink sheep?

  • Ban Vanndy
    Ban Vanndy

    What happened if you use a name tag and name the sheep "_Jeb" and it turned rainbow

  • preston villanueva
    preston villanueva

    gray( doesn't notice he builds his Nether Portals wrong) Also gray: It seems you have pissed off thee seeps

  • preston villanueva
    preston villanueva

    I love the fact that Reginald takes up an entire spot in his inventory

  • zombie101

    You should make mods

  • CHRISTIANO Van Cleave
    CHRISTIANO Van Cleave


  • CHRISTIANO Van Cleave
    CHRISTIANO Van Cleave

    Happy wheels

  • CHRISTIANO Van Cleave
    CHRISTIANO Van Cleave


  • CHRISTIANO Van Cleave
    CHRISTIANO Van Cleave


  • CHRISTIANO Van Cleave
    CHRISTIANO Van Cleave


  • mix  gaiming12
    mix gaiming12


    • mix  gaiming12
      mix gaiming12


  • Greek Opera
    Greek Opera

    6:30 missed the perfect time to say " naked and afraid"

  • GamingGoatboa aurel
    GamingGoatboa aurel

    Yes sheep

  • asmaa alawadhi
    asmaa alawadhi


  • Jeanette Christensen
    Jeanette Christensen

    make a rainbow sheep

  • E Mi
    E Mi

    you should upgrade chickens

  • Nathan Little
    Nathan Little

    If you kid a sheep the sheep will give hearts ☹️

  • Vi Hively
    Vi Hively

    The adhesive iron essentially untidy because circulation primarily shrug afore a threatening satin. impartial, witty frog

  • Rifty_J U
    Rifty_J U

    you should make an ender dragon army

  • Destiny S.
    Destiny S.

    Can you make a chicken god

  • J.Ludlow

    Dang final sheep has drip

  • Glow Bright Unicorn
    Glow Bright Unicorn

    6:11 now we just need a bedroom

  • Wayne Dixon
    Wayne Dixon

    Gray still plays: hey Minecraft I'm back! Literally every being in Minecraft: oh god no he's back

  • Annette Howrey
    Annette Howrey

    Yay gray is gonna destroy the world with Reynold again by upgrading him in to the stupidest thing in minecraft probly break minecraft to

  • Lizards Chanel
    Lizards Chanel

    Now we’re ready to inhale cocane

  • Baxter Smith
    Baxter Smith

    upgrade reganeld

  • VaporeonMaster6

    Heyyyyyyy, 666k likes *Time to decend into the 9th circle of hell*

  • shao tv
    shao tv

    i mean black buff sleep i have seen

  • shao tv
    shao tv

    black buff sleeeeeeeep i never seen

  • shao tv
    shao tv

    buff sleeeeep

  • LadyKakarot

    I would absolutely love to see you try Apex Legends , you’d be amazing!

  • Xiaoling Deng
    Xiaoling Deng

    Upgrade Reginald until he hits puberty

  • Jace Montgomery
    Jace Montgomery

    Gray: these sheep are 6 ft tall Me and any true gamer:actually they are taller than 2 blocks which mean their over 2 meters tall Edit:blocks are 1 meter in volume

  • Laura Crocker
    Laura Crocker

    Up grade the TNT and me and my friend made this to show up

  • Ilyas Faris
    Ilyas Faris

    Make Reginald evolve

  • Emerald Boy
    Emerald Boy

    What if you name it Jeb_

  • Sore Varczette
    Sore Varczette

    make foxes a godly weapon

  • Falken

    Usually Gray's laughter makes me laugh with him. Now it's absolutely terrifying. I think Minecraft is bringing out his true chaotic evil nature even more than games normally do.

  • Mandi Romac
    Mandi Romac

    tactical nuke inbound

  • Xander Gibson
    Xander Gibson

    Upgrade Reginald lol

  • Avo Prim
    Avo Prim

    13:11 - Gray, but, have you ever heard of, and / or, watched The Friday The 13th film series, also, why, exactly, can’t Jason Vorhees swim? I ask, because, Jason Vorhees is the killer in that series.

  • Avo Prim
    Avo Prim

    7:11 - Gray, but, what, exactly, happens when you dye sheep with Super Dust, and, when you eat both it, and, Super Ore, Super Wheat Blocks, Super Trees, Super Seeds, Super Saplings, and, the trunks of Super Trees?

  • Avo Prim
    Avo Prim

    3:38 - Gray, you just referenced @Pink Sheep, And, @Exploding TNT.

  • Avo Prim
    Avo Prim

    1:37, and, 5:06 - Gray: #Carbs.

  • Ahmed Hussien
    Ahmed Hussien