i evolved to become the strongest man ever in Minecraft
i upgraded into the world's strongest man in minecraft
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. Today we're playing some Minecraft challenges and Minecraft speedrun challenges this time we'll be playing minecraft but giant mobs rain from the sky.

  • Elaine #K
    Elaine #K


  • Jayden Destroyer0
    Jayden Destroyer0

    At least gray knows and calls the ender dragon a female. SHE LAYS AN EGG FOR F***S SAKE

  • Jayden Destroyer0
    Jayden Destroyer0

    Incorrect... Someone should make a graystillplays origin for graystillplays. COCAINE. You can eat sugar after renaming it Cocaine and you get a strength and speed buff. After the cocaine is eaten spleens will appear asking for COCAINE. Suffer. You give off an aura that just screams. TODAY WE ARE MAKING YOU SUFFER. You punch a mob they start slowly dying. A slow and painful death. Suffering. TONSILS ATTACK. You summon tonsils the cat to attack all mobs. But because he is tonsils he will only attack if you tell him where Spleens is. FULL LIQUOR BARR... You create a FULL LIQUOR BAR and that's it... Free potions named after alcohol... You don't need a brewing stand. CIGAR TIME... Take a break from the world and enjoy the cigar. Regeneration for as long as you want. Until you decide to stop the cigar. TIME TO MAKE A LIVING HELL. Satan comes along to Graystillplays and says. "Well I just wanted to say. I'm a huge fan." And you go and make a sim and drown them. Put other ideas for a graystillplays origin as a reply.

  • Joaquin Iñigo Santos
    Joaquin Iñigo Santos

    Gray : * doesn’t care when he dies * Me : Mk...

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug

    Heres an idea. If you ass 0's to dirt blocks, could you possibly kill the ender dragon with them

  • Virginya McQuade
    Virginya McQuade

    Add zeros too Reginald .may I say more

  • Phoneix

    9:45 -wheeze-

  • Damien Earl
    Damien Earl

    "Legends say that he remains within an island perched in the middle of space, waiting for the moment he can reunite with his former foe"

  • Thoriq Al Barr Dwian Putra
    Thoriq Al Barr Dwian Putra

    Me:"ask about the best way to break a end crystal" Google:a bow or crossbow Bing:15:36

  • Ajari Crisp
    Ajari Crisp

    That villagee as straight as a bullet


    I thought u would say or I will kill myself

  • Istvàn Egerszegi
    Istvàn Egerszegi


  • Clarence Joiseph
    Clarence Joiseph

    What mod is this?

  • Samantha Fracassi
    Samantha Fracassi

    Some one got bigger then you

  • Sean Mendoza
    Sean Mendoza


  • Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more

    Jasper: FIGHT ME BUFF GRAY!!!

  • Karatheya Roxan
    Karatheya Roxan

    Can you mine in the Ender Dragon Area? What is there?

  • Gilmar Resureccion
    Gilmar Resureccion

    Wow you so big

  • Venoosh

    Gray never fails to entertain his entire clan of psychopaths

  • Danny Porter
    Danny Porter

    Congrats Gray, you became extra super mario


    Plssss face reveal

  • Gacha Fun
    Gacha Fun

    Some people hate on people who mine dirt with wooden pickaxe. but this is graystillplays

  • Crys Heart
    Crys Heart

    For the crime of becoming a giant sadomasochistic hulk, GrayStillPlays has been trapped in the End, cursed to become the next Ender Dragon (or Ender Gray, I guess)

  • Emperor Russet
    Emperor Russet


  • scorpion

    I'm pretty sure everyone one knows this but gray you don't have to worry about breaking the end portal it'd unbreakable unless it's different in Java I play bedrock.

  • YoRHa Unit No.2 Type B
    YoRHa Unit No.2 Type B

    ... can i download this mod?


    “Did anyone see wered he go 😂😂😂😂

  • Dejuane Brown
    Dejuane Brown

    Glory Glory do you know that Satan can kill you

  • janco smit
    janco smit

    Hay smash

  • Shapzey

    I mean his minecraft user is GrayStillSlays for a reason 😶

  • Zoey Kerr
    Zoey Kerr

    I got 17.1 or is it 1.17? But I still got it :)

  • Stacey

    Minecraft: I can't break!!! Gray: chuckles in floridian

  • Hi

    HeyGrace still plays would you rather not do you feel if you did and video night time or you feel

  • Faith Habib
    Faith Habib

    I love these videos so much!!!!

  • Pixel Keith
    Pixel Keith

    Why not add some zeros to Reginald?

  • A Awesome King’s P# Tyson
    A Awesome King’s P# Tyson

    Can you please ruin peoples live one bit life?

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming

    His skin looks like he hasn’t seen the sun in years

  • Aether Gaming
    Aether Gaming

    That boat really fits…

  • Jayden Trevino
    Jayden Trevino


  • Official Littlemeow
    Official Littlemeow

    He casually goes into creative and puts plazes in the command block

  • Dan Racz
    Dan Racz

    "I'm Artie, the strongest man..... in the world!!!"

  • louie-mar


  • Hilal Karabuber
    Hilal Karabuber

    in America you destroy big things in Soviet Russia big things destroy YOU!

  • Team Hydrangea
    Team Hydrangea

    When I use the bold text it means (inception fog horn): Str 0 Everyone makes fun of me for my weakness. Str 10 Everyone fears me because I am strong, and have regained control of my life once more. Str 9,999,999 *WEARS THE ENDER DRAGON LIKE A SCARF*

  • Gameboy Estrada
    Gameboy Estrada

    (In gray's voice) Alright, welcome to the only game that is E for everyone and i can make it sound like its rated R. Its minecraft

  • Gameboy Estrada
    Gameboy Estrada

    (In gray's voice) Alright, welcome to the only game that is P.G. and i can make it sound like its rated R. Its minecraft

  • Jeppoy Palado
    Jeppoy Palado

    The laught always got me

  • Number D
    Number D

    This man sound like trayted

  • Cutesiken 15
    Cutesiken 15


  • Jose Calihua
    Jose Calihua

    And after this tale, the Gray claimed himself as the true ruler of the realm. So many warriors banded together to make an army so powerful that they thought that it was invincible. *thought* The mighty Gray slashed his sword created by the trees of super ore and smashed them with his jump. One survivor remained that struck him in his eye to free all realms. Gray just made a new world with a crazier mod. And so this cycle of life and death would repeat throughout the ages as the god known as Gray would make, conquer, get killed, and again.

  • pirrulove



    just wait until he gets a gogle plex with zeros xD

  • Soren Hoyt Force
    Soren Hoyt Force

    Gray say you have to bottle up you inSANDity.

  • Lucas Munro
    Lucas Munro

    Upgrade everything

  • Witherd Michael
    Witherd Michael

    • Witherd Michael
      Witherd Michael

  • Daniel Dennis
    Daniel Dennis

    Gray:comes to village Villagers:alright guys you know the drill Village kid:I got my dad's gun I would rather die than getting oblratianed

  • Galactic453

    What the rainbow ore at 6:22

  • yeetboii_2000

    So how many zero's do you wanna add? Gray: "y e s"

  • Gaming with Julian LOL
    Gaming with Julian LOL

    Your not goku

  • Adam The Bomb
    Adam The Bomb

    0:30 thought he said blood eater lol

  • Chris Gidishki
    Chris Gidishki


  • gucci banana
    gucci banana

    I wish you said super saitan

  • Stibiumowl

    11:32 Game Mechanic: The portal in the nether spawns allways the normal size as it isn't some other-side of the overworldportal, but get spawned as a generated structure no mater which shape the initialportal has. Same in the opositedirection with obsidian in the nether. So each portal is a onewaytrip, so it's hard to play actual non-enderdragonkilling (but e.g. Traveling, netheradventures, farming) as you'll need tons of obsidian if every netherportal is single-use only. 12:45 Like I said will happen hapened now. 17:10 Finaly you are to strong to beat minecraft.

  • Stibiumowl

    8:40 You should have switched bachk to survival to test your actual strength.

  • Kyle Cronkrite
    Kyle Cronkrite

    hope all the money goes to him

  • 慰ュダ


  • kingston fox
    kingston fox

    only a question gray would ask how aerodynamic is a sheep

  • peacful content
    peacful content

    hey gray what dose stupidity tast like

  • Ali Michels
    Ali Michels

    what mod is this

  • Axel Elfarrow
    Axel Elfarrow

  • Jenifer Lee
    Jenifer Lee

    Also carbs

  • Gjin Pera
    Gjin Pera

    When you upgrade you get larger but how can you fit in the cave ?

  • boys demase
    boys demase

    When he was leaving the nether I saw ancient debris

  • ShyWolf678

    I'm here to say it gray haven't done it all to way you can do nether star and dragon egg you might not use this information but I just wanna say it there never enough zeros

  • HIKXAL_1_gamer

    Gray your not a super sayan your a super satan

  • Nuya

    "The horses fly alot better" 😳

  • Carlo Bonamente
    Carlo Bonamente

    40k likes on this video for download link? @GrayStillPlays

  • Pluto Berry
    Pluto Berry

    I love how your Minecraft thumbnails always look like bad mobile game ads and I’m not even being sarcastic please keep it up XD

  • Yue Lilmton
    Yue Lilmton


  • Toast ‘n’ butter Plays
    Toast ‘n’ butter Plays

    Grey still plays: The channel of non-realistic extremes

  • dragon slayer
    dragon slayer

    Me wondering why he didnt throw an ender pearl into the portal to get in: confused onga bounga

  • Void Exile
    Void Exile

    Oh here we go again, Gray breaking evolution

  • Ann Fireoved
    Ann Fireoved

    1.17 is out

  • TheRealBlackPromises

    Does bread have enough zeros?

  • parsa dr
    parsa dr

    Gray got his own mob in the cave update it's called the warden "lets add zeros and make gray happy"-random mojang developer

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan

    Gray kills pig technoblade so you have chosen death


    lord gray 3:27

  • Grayson Jones
    Grayson Jones

    When you slow it down he sound like bay max with a low battery

  • blazethefirefox 9806
    blazethefirefox 9806

    Is thatstraw hat luffy f3om one piece in the thumb hail

  • TonStar56

    Gray how did you make all these

  • Elizabeth Nordstrand
    Elizabeth Nordstrand

    How far can you go? 2:25 to space!


  • DoomSlayr666

    The sword sends people to Brazil

  • Cole Pelly
    Cole Pelly

    You know its gone to far when he can't feel lava

  • Stephen Rozas
    Stephen Rozas

    Play fortnite death runs!!

  • Stick Stick dish Royal destruction rules
    Stick Stick dish Royal destruction rules

    This channel always makes me laugh thanks for always making me laugh because this is so funny.

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star

    You shod make a pokemon mod. 1 you can make pokeballs from corps : 6 corps = 6 pokebolls 2 You can cach every creature in minecraft, and upgrade it hitting it with : 1 corps , 2 iron , 3 gold, 4 diamond, 5 emerald , 6 chicken egg Tasks: cach the ender dragon, cach the wither , Destroy !😄 I love your videos soo, I hope to see a video like dis, but there is no forse for it to exist.

  • C Mc
    C Mc

    This is how one punch man got his power

  • Christian Shaffer
    Christian Shaffer


  • Bendanillo

    What about upgraded regional