i completed this legendary don't delete your account challenge and this happened
i completed this legendary don't delete your account challenge and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.

  • D. Dillon Duffield
    D. Dillon Duffield

    Mmmm your juiced soul and concentrated agony were yummy at the corrugated wall area! 👌😋

  • saphirefox763

    Gray as he falls: this truck drives like a dream Me:yea a shattered one

  • Shadow The Hedgehog
    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Hey gray I'm coming to Florida tomorrow

  • King Shiira (Blufox24/dmwarmoth)
    King Shiira (Blufox24/dmwarmoth)


  • Alex B
    Alex B

    when you said im not ded that was cerncerning

  • Corneliu Frentiu
    Corneliu Frentiu

    The recondite bail successfully test because test cytomorphologically lick times a knotty curler. hushed, resonant cello

  • Hodr Vanorden
    Hodr Vanorden

    “Three fourths” is like the most American thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Lucy Phillips
    Lucy Phillips

    "Whaddya know, back on the corrugated metal"

  • Lmnop Abcd
    Lmnop Abcd

    Wanting to watch a relaxing video before bed … This looks about right

  • John Mckewin
    John Mckewin

    That would have been so funny if gray fell right then and there

  • DaNephric Gaming
    DaNephric Gaming

    No that is us how are you today are you doing very good ha ha ha ha very good very good very good very good very good delete delete Lecter backspace no I guess it doesn’t work (me using text to speech after waking up)

  • Cameron Sherman
    Cameron Sherman

    Yo just be glad that u didn't get the monster truck :-P

  • TsuyUwU Frog
    TsuyUwU Frog

    There’s an infinite symbol in the shadow I think it means infinite pain.

  • Triggz50Gaming

    I love, how every time gray fake cries, I laugh for real

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams

    We appreciate your sacrifice, sir.

  • crazyman2021 games
    crazyman2021 games

    But gray ur liver is already gone from alchohol


    Is this guy’s mental health okay?

  • Doofenshirtz

    I love how he makes the vehicle always pink

  • Vantahku

    Like America, this board was designed to fill you with hopes and dreams of awesomeness, only to pound your anus with betrayal, until either you submit or go insane. Whatever the outcome, it's creator clearly doesn't care anymore.

  • detective droid
    detective droid

    It's always good when you hear " noooo noooo, yesss noooo!"

  • Joseph Dickson
    Joseph Dickson

    Grey "I never thought being an American would be so painful" really doesn't understand our health care system does he?

  • Apriolo, Ikuyo!
    Apriolo, Ikuyo!

    gray driving trevor's truck pink form

  • Innocentius

    Ballance, except with a truck.

  • Michael Clarkson
    Michael Clarkson

    What is the name of the song that plays at around 8:40? I like those vocals and I absolutely can't find it any other way than your help! Plz!?

  • T-DogWenzel

    Am I the only one that has noticed the bowling ball?? I also love these videos they are funny as f###

  • J Mon gaming
    J Mon gaming

    Gray you should play the gta 5 chaos mod that’s where the pain really is

  • Brennan Evans
    Brennan Evans

    this is my first time on gray-gta 99 comment section, i hopes it's as good as his videos tho

  • Anthony Pizzi
    Anthony Pizzi

    The fire is reminiscent of the weather out here in Florida. *Laughs in arizonian*

  • Alan

    You think Florida roads are bad.. try coming to Ohio 🤢🤣🥵

  • Zabe Indarshan
    Zabe Indarshan

    9:35 gray goes in autotune

  • Lydia Nyambura
    Lydia Nyambura

    hell yes

  • Scarlet Beans
    Scarlet Beans

    ew, America

  • Krillanr

    Butllet holes bring back "suppressed" memories. I see what you did there...even if you didn't. XD

  • Cameron Myron
    Cameron Myron

    Freedom isn’t free

  • Bloop 907
    Bloop 907

    “Pulsating sphincter” My favourite quote

  • bailey elise
    bailey elise

    These videos are strangely relaxing

  • Krymsen Fire
    Krymsen Fire

    You should play getting over it

  • JJLongboi

    Clicker bait

  • damon Jackson
    damon Jackson

    "this truck drives like a dream" nightmares are in fact dreams

  • Ce'irth McRand
    Ce'irth McRand

    Omg pißwasser 😂😂😂

  • hypedemerald

    Me, someone who isn’t American: Yup, both those statements sum up America well.

  • Capitan Hazelwood
    Capitan Hazelwood

    Bro, I lived in Florida. Your roads are great.

  • rikcab

    that was close...

  • The_Enterprise

    Gray.... I live in Arizona... Our heat is more Florida than Florida itself

  • FlashStatic

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the sound of my enjoyment was so similar to the sounds of grey's suffering that they synced up and harmonized to form a beautiful chorus. Just an average youtube viewing experience.

  • Conn Sean
    Conn Sean

    I’m saying not today satin if I go to heaven

  • Conn Sean
    Conn Sean

    Wood did nothing to me. You know trees are made of wood

  • K3mix

    12:08 and i'd be enraged and quitted

  • Xander Nelson
    Xander Nelson

    11:26 You can actually see the ball Gray knocked over the edge of the board earlier in the episode. I didn't see any grease spots, though, so I guess population control didn't work today.

  • Xander Nelson
    Xander Nelson

    Gray:"This board is insane and soul-crushing." Well, it's impossible to crush Gray's soul, because he doesn't have one.

  • Nova Panda Gamer898
    Nova Panda Gamer898

  • Brendan Brendan
    Brendan Brendan

    I quit watching this channel a few weeks ago and I came back to this. I am most pleased.

  • Andrew Fernandes 19-4308
    Andrew Fernandes 19-4308

    Wiwiwiii winner😂😂

  • Benjamin John
    Benjamin John


  • Michael Freed
    Michael Freed

    No way you said that 😂

  • Michael Freed
    Michael Freed

    And fall again 👨🏼‍💻

  • Yawning Magpie
    Yawning Magpie

    I see the flag of Chile... not USA. Whoops

  • Patrik Ljungman
    Patrik Ljungman

    Fack you

  • sidian Slaps
    sidian Slaps

    "It wasn't really my soul that got crushed it was my liver" I mean is there really a difference

  • Kaspar

    8:43 Everywhere i go, I can hear his voice...

  • C. S. “Bobolton” Gleason
    C. S. “Bobolton” Gleason

    No one: Gray when he messes something slightly up: "I guess this means I have to die."

  • Kayla Hutchens
    Kayla Hutchens

    Santan: im going to make gray fall graystillplays: not today santan

  • Brennan George Lynn
    Brennan George Lynn

    you and therussianbadger would get along well..

  • John Carnahan
    John Carnahan

    I want to see people legitimately race on these boards

  • Anastasia Hagerich
    Anastasia Hagerich

    The only thing gray is against is people underestimating him and drunken lvls

  • Mercedes Thomas
    Mercedes Thomas

    Are you going to do more sims 4 ? I really enjoyed that whole series so far

  • kiel 367
    kiel 367

    most of these boards arent all that impossible

  • Inbred Banana
    Inbred Banana

    This is the most Floridian board I have ever seen Which means that it is pure pain

  • Rocketscam

    What race is this

  • Rental_blanket 1
    Rental_blanket 1

    He reminds me of Jim Gaffigan

  • Andrew Doyel II
    Andrew Doyel II

    9:27 is this a FNAF reference? ? ? ? ?

  • Adam Lyngaas
    Adam Lyngaas

    "... I'm sure people are like ' hey grey what's the national bird of Florid- ' -its tetanus " 😂🤣

  • Danny Kanes
    Danny Kanes

    Song at 06:25 anyone?

  • Gravity Controller !.!.!.!
    Gravity Controller !.!.!.!

    What is the name of the map

  • Haralds Aboltins
    Haralds Aboltins

    Do you remember that cat from your sims series well make a shirt about it

  • Tj Biggers
    Tj Biggers

    14:19 that’s what high school boys say on prom night

  • Cam Nixon
    Cam Nixon

    You should play a Canadian map instead of American map even know you live in America

  • Balza Lorenz Joseph
    Balza Lorenz Joseph

    I love how my phone ghost touches back the video back to rewatch gray's death over and over again

  • jesse vollmar
    jesse vollmar

    1ne thing that PEOPLE LOVE DEIOHGH THE WALL RYYIDEA❌🚫⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • Rohan Casey
    Rohan Casey


  • Rigel Bowen
    Rigel Bowen

    Not today satan

  • Mr Roboto ☑
    Mr Roboto ☑

    I've seen these sort of tracks in my nightmares

  • Grim

    I'm fuckin Dying of laughter!

  • ridgearoony BTW
    ridgearoony BTW

    Anyone know the name of the race

  • Alex Bakas
    Alex Bakas

    For Floridians, if the temperature went from 96 to 90 they would be like “Oh it’s winter now huh?”

    • Ryan Coombs Jr
      Ryan Coombs Jr


  • Aleena Cocanee
    Aleena Cocanee


  • Ricardo Robles
    Ricardo Robles

    Grey's Catchphrases "I am still alive" "Not today SATAN" "We don't need physics where we are going" "Literally anything involving Basterd" "(Insert joke that sounds like a joke Deadpool would make here)"

  • Rubae master
    Rubae master

    Whenever I watch some of Gray's videos like this I always think there can't be any more of his soul to be destroyed and I'm always wrong, although it does seem to be slowing down

  • Druggy Doggo
    Druggy Doggo

    Nobody: My grandpa falling down the stairs: 9:24

  • Lgamer

    Here in northeast PA the hottest we get is 85

  • Melonstrong V1.0
    Melonstrong V1.0

    Did you know that pißwasser is german and means pee water? Its just a bad term for urine lol

  • Roan GO!
    Roan GO!

    When gray realises that his car has spedometer instead of speedofoot: OH SH-

  • Bhargav Jethwa
    Bhargav Jethwa

    Name of the level please.. ...

  • Ya boi Billy bob
    Ya boi Billy bob

    GTA chaos mod please

  • Lucas Allen
    Lucas Allen

    Grey said the florida bird is tetnis, but mori the hormone monster says it's a chicken finger, who should I beleive

  • aj summerhayes
    aj summerhayes

    Kinda want a dh bike jersey with. "We don't need gravity where we're going" on it.

  • Mel Taylor
    Mel Taylor

    If someone asks what kind of BDSM I am into I will reply Graystillplays.

  • Leo Powell
    Leo Powell

    Have you ever noticed Gray's favorite saying...."I'm not gonna lie". Maybe one day. Also, WTF happened at 9:23 ? I thought you made it okay.

  • Brayden Weeks
    Brayden Weeks

    Is it me or does he have the same voice and edits as kindly keian

  • Riz Matik
    Riz Matik

    @gray when will you play tld again?