i completed this impossible wall ride to heaven and this happened
i completed this impossible wall ride to heaven and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.

  • Sofistefiart

    12:43 how about rubbery (rubber + robbery)

  • Ella Irene
    Ella Irene

    at 1:58 just take it out of context- just try and see what i thought

  • DuncaOleson


  • Ankur K
    Ankur K

    Are you know A challenge is really tough when it breaches the 16 minute threshold Definitely my most favourite map yet

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones

    i wonder if someone does this board while they are drunk if it will be easier for them

  • NekoTail Productions
    NekoTail Productions


  • Chris “Quiett Bear” Quiett
    Chris “Quiett Bear” Quiett

    Just in case nobody told you, you have broken physics 1000’s of times. It just wants its revenge

  • Alex Covey
    Alex Covey

    What if Gray created boards

    • Alex Covey
      Alex Covey

      Were doomed

  • Sparkz Supreme
    Sparkz Supreme

    whole video was grey tryna get revenge on the tree

  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name

    ely deet bring back my

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      No more of The Sims 4, also known in Japan as SimPeople 4, you know, to connect it back to the other Sim games, for Gray, unfortunately,

  • Niko O
    Niko O

    Something tells me that the Gray is The God of Patience

  • A.F. Creations
    A.F. Creations

    Any chance you've got more Sims videos planned missing the man fam 😩👌

  • Gary Cleary
    Gary Cleary

    I'd love to see Gray stream these boards, I wanna sit and suffer with him in realtime. xD

  • b4re25j79u god333
    b4re25j79u god333

    I need to play this map lol


    I want the person who made this map to be beaten in the street

  • Sunny

    "Iiiii looooovveeeee swiiiimmiiiinggggg - penis"

  • Weinerdisc

    12:56 This was the hardest I've laughed in a while.

  • The Kwad Squad
    The Kwad Squad

    You missed some bowling pins!

  • Albert Mays
    Albert Mays

    Officer: What happened here? Gray: I was nowhere near that pole!!! Officer: ... I'm gonna need you to blow into this

  • Chance Cox
    Chance Cox

    I spit at 8:20 thanks Gray

  • sameer Tan
    sameer Tan

    Why did you say pinus I literally luoth so hard

  • universe VN
    universe VN

    9:10 i thought those wore part's of your soul xD

  • Jcknight7996

    I propose a new level in hell.Just this board but you do it endlessly and restart every time you pass it

  • izzy golden chip
    izzy golden chip

    Almost at the very end don’t remember the actual timestamp “ blood for the ... checkpoint!!!!!!”

  • izzy golden chip
    izzy golden chip

    I would love to see the unedited version of this and all of the jokes that he said!!!!! Podcast idea?

  • Turbo Brony
    Turbo Brony

    7:55 that’s what she said

  • dragon born 2000
    dragon born 2000


  • dragon born 2000
    dragon born 2000

    Please mind the Gap

  • Alex Bakas
    Alex Bakas

    “Physics, what have I ever done to you?” This is the same man that has flown over the entire GTA map with a dirt bike.

  • Adam Wake
    Adam Wake



    The wacky titanium infrequently hum because neon chiefly squash beneath a eatable apartment. venomous, unable bangladesh

  • Caleb Jase
    Caleb Jase

    All i want is to see the thumbnail be real

  • Sebastian Brandt
    Sebastian Brandt

    Me during a math test : ,,Mabe if i don't look at it it won't exist ... ´´


    Very very good

  • Will3734

    Who wants to see a death count in one of the corners?

  • Joseph Sniegowski
    Joseph Sniegowski

    1:06 cooked with the flames of

  • Dulcey Gebbett
    Dulcey Gebbett

    I would love to see gray play some horror games, I can just imagine: Some monster or something: *jumpscares gray* Gray: "NOT TODAYYY SATANNNN"

  • ZEO

    This needs 0 checkpoints

  • Mr Кулер
    Mr Кулер

    GSP: * asks what have he done to physics * His previous videos on Universe Sandbox and many other games: *YOU SAY NO SH-T BRO...*

  • Rafid Tahmid
    Rafid Tahmid

    Just watching Gray play this board is giving me PTSD

  • Nathan Dielmann
    Nathan Dielmann

    It would be amazing if someone made a map where for one section you had a vehicle with big tires or that is high off a ground and had to do one of those tubes where you launch yourself out the top, but small as the tires will allow so its hard to launch yourself where you want to go

  • Doom Dude
    Doom Dude

    5:09 Star wars reference (i had to DEW IT)

  • SuperGamer Cody2224
    SuperGamer Cody2224

    "I'm not gonna lie, I'm doing this board, I have no idea what the hell they want me to do at this point... I'm pretty sure I was supposed to fall down there, I'm not actually sure though" - Gray totally contradicting himself twice less than a minute into the video 0:53

  • Please Don't Talk To Me
    Please Don't Talk To Me


  • WatchDogs 724
    WatchDogs 724

    New challenge ‘every time I fall I take a shot’

  • Arda Özkan
    Arda Özkan

    It's a booos... ohh you basterd LMAO that was awesome

  • Daniela Huefner
    Daniela Huefner

    Gray *about the levitating soccer ball*: it's just sitting there... Me: Menacingly!!

  • Too Cryptic
    Too Cryptic

    3:07 me with my responsibilities

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    One might say that gray is getting... *tilted* Haha

  • Zeraoreon

    I like how im watching this and meanwhile my grandpa is asking, "How many children did you get?"

  • MurasakiTsukimaru

    One day Gray, I'm going to send you a completely normal road. Just so I can watch your paranoid breakdown. Then the end will be a two mile drop to the finish.

  • Bowser Koppa
    Bowser Koppa

    GaryStillPlays - What kinda outbox was that, I was nowhere near that post! Me - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon Griest
    Brandon Griest

    just waiting for the map that makes him graynolongerplays

  • Random_Voiceactorchannel

    Can we just get a compilation of grey making some really questionable noises-

  • Aaron Reynolds
    Aaron Reynolds

    The reflective cast intermittently report because cultivator ethnopharmacologically shock after a wide skiing. square, best sweater

  • Joshua DeBuyser
    Joshua DeBuyser

    Is it possible to get sea sick 10,000 feet above water? Because I think I am sea sick lol

  • Joshua DeBuyser
    Joshua DeBuyser

    Flippin love these videos

  • ๖ۣۜᏔᵲムɪեH•҉ ඞ
    ๖ۣۜᏔᵲムɪեH•҉ ඞ

    8:38 *Scream of pain and agony*

  • EarthToAccess


  • laexdream

    I’ve never been drunk before, but I guess watching this is basically how it’s supposed to feel like

  • julian ballew
    julian ballew

    10:57 Physics: You said you didn't need me where you were going. Well, guess what? NOW YA DO

  • julian ballew
    julian ballew

    3:49 Gray driving over that little segment was literally unnaturally smooth 0-0

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    "Whatever paint is left on this car, I'm gonna buy you a beet when we're done" -Gray 2021

  • Thaked

    Slow is for squares!

  • Ethan “MEERKAT” Williams
    Ethan “MEERKAT” Williams

    Sideways wall ride... But they're all sideways are they not?

  • Alex Foster
    Alex Foster

    "This ramp didn't complete college" "oh nevermind none of these are straight" I'm sorry were you under the impression that going to college made you straighter?

  • Crazy Kids
    Crazy Kids

    "physics says, not take my classes in collage"

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    Doesn't Gray have a discord server or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Sentorfront

    why is all of his editing the same and like its from 2010 it kinda makes me angry, irrationally so

  • 🔥Icy-Hotify🧊



    Play beam ng drive

  • MVV YT
    MVV YT

    GrayStillPlays: "We don't need physics were we going" Board: "i don't think so"

  • jordan isaac
    jordan isaac

    is there a playlist on rockstar of all tracks gray has run? or somewhere where we can find them? would love to see the name of the track at the start of the video in future

  • Acer_Aspier5

    0:36, I don't think I have heard him say that in a while

  • Aiden Sanchez
    Aiden Sanchez


  • King Jester
    King Jester

    I dare you to beat GETTING OVER IT

  • Alex Croese
    Alex Croese

    Can you do map with another person

  • Charlotte poop face
    Charlotte poop face

    Im 12- nevermind...

  • Noah Ezer
    Noah Ezer

    Gray : In the end you either take your keyboard, break in half and shove it down your throat untill you can't see it anymore or you become the villain. Me : Gray, you never cease to amaze me with your words🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • not enuf cafen
    not enuf cafen

    8:17 that's one hell of a side mirror

  • Omegle Boy
    Omegle Boy

    Seriously put the map in the districttion so we can get it ugh

  • Kyler Hootman
    Kyler Hootman

    You missed the @#$& bowling pins

  • Steelers Nation
    Steelers Nation

    🤣🤣🤣thanks grey i needed this laugh today

  • Cook Boss88
    Cook Boss88

    "Like a glove" I lost it.

  • Logan Palpatine
    Logan Palpatine

    What happens if you play this using drunk googles

  • Riyadh Ahmed
    Riyadh Ahmed

    Does anyone know what these boards are called on social club?

  • olive lettuce
    olive lettuce

    You know what, I wouldn't mind an unedited version. Let's do that.

  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin

    Where are they being downloaded from?

  • DragonGod

    8:17 in the netherlands we say then: VERREKT KANKER SPEL

  • Lilknight 06
    Lilknight 06

    Imagine this bord but with no checkpoints, god it would be a living hell

  • Joseph Defaira
    Joseph Defaira

    Fun fact this video becomes 10x better if you mute it then put it on 1.5 speed

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Why, exactly?

  • Gamerboi69

    How much hell would you like in your board? Map creator:YES

  • ClashTheGamer

    He actually speedran this in under an hour, that's kinda impressive

  • A Diabetic Jedi
    A Diabetic Jedi

    Hey Gray or Gray's awesome editor. I think it would be cool if you added a death counter or a timer in the video of how long its taken to complete like those parkor mincraft videos. I know seeing the stats of how long its taken to suffer through this would be entertaining to me.

  • DmonWrld

    Get a drunk mod and do a death run

  • SuperChez

    "none of these ramps are straight" Ah yes, gay ramps

  • Torkus Qerdoon
    Torkus Qerdoon

    Gray doesn’t even see the tilted platforms anymore, he just sees hot women. Wait, I might have misunderstood his metaphor….

  • Greg Bell
    Greg Bell

    Hey, Gray. I made you a Panto wallride board. Have fun with it! (I included an imitation spike fall to give it a Happy Wheels feel.)


    You forgot too hot the bowling pins and knock off the soccer ball

  • Miss Story
    Miss Story

    While watching this, I got an add against road rage