i completed this 99.999% impossible accuracy challenge and this happened
i completed this 99.999% impossible accuracy challenge and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.

  • owen woodring
    owen woodring


  • Cat king miow
    Cat king miow

    I expected Gray to say: "How much soullessness would you want in your board?" "Y e s"

  • Kuryuu Iterio
    Kuryuu Iterio

    Gray: Hey Florida Man, how u feeling? Florida Man: PARALYSED

  • Wyatt m Mock
    Wyatt m Mock


  • Wyatt m Mock
    Wyatt m Mock

    9:35 he sounded like Santa Claus

  • Erik Klein
    Erik Klein

    You missed a rather obvious pun instead of loopty-loop it should have been lubety-loop (ky jelly)

  • AMon!

    9:49 sounds like you’re throwing up

  • Pandanimeoki

    at 6:00 mans voice changed

  • jmm1233

    out of all the maps previously done this one is a calming relax yeet parachute across the sky

  • bug

    me: notices most of the board has the trans colors me, a trans male: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhappypridemonth

  • MMikeyy

  • ASAD A-K
    ASAD A-K

    9.37 did my man just turned in to wario

  • A useless piece of Swiss Cheese
    A useless piece of Swiss Cheese

    I'm watching this inverted so pray for my eyes cuz it's 11:45...

  • Legendary Lego Dude
    Legendary Lego Dude

    9:50 I have no words for what I just heard

  • Nunzio 2
    Nunzio 2

    “Inserting is what I do for a living” something you wanna tell us about Gray?

  • WaveCore

    6:16 missed opportunity to say Paralyzed and Sterilized

  • Aidan Pitts Reborn
    Aidan Pitts Reborn

    i see *no one has used the oval racetrack* *d i s s a p o i n t i n g*

  • Tierra Brown
    Tierra Brown

    Gray bring back the SIMS4

  • roblox coolxxv
    roblox coolxxv

    9:50 are you throwing up

  • Alfa wølf løner
    Alfa wølf løner

    I love when he said this is what Fortnite could have been

  • bg se
    bg se

    The earsplitting cornet currently guess because lily affectively breathe for a lacking celeste. fuzzy , fantastic detail

  • Ya Boi Darren
    Ya Boi Darren

    Ruiner 2000 tip, by standing in place, pulling back and deploying the parachute, it glitches and makes the car go higher when you jump

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Gray: "How much paint do you think will be left on the car when I'm done?" Well, a question something like this is usually answered with 'yes' or 'all of it.' Me, for this question only: "No. None of it."

  • channel name here
    channel name here

    0:08 alien yeet

  • Zion Benyam
    Zion Benyam

    9:51 that noise 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Time 2 Play
    Time 2 Play

    The finest crushed man berries......lol

  • CadenOdyssey

    I live in KY U suck

  • Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more

    Jasper: Gray is just torturing himself gaming

  • Mettalic Ray
    Mettalic Ray

    Gray at 7:50 ooh a ball to kick no other context

  • Gwen Shapp
    Gwen Shapp

    9:49 is *Gorgeous*

  • Muffin Boi
    Muffin Boi

    5:18 Grey sounded like yoshi doing a jump

  • No Consequence
    No Consequence

    But luckly inserting is what I do for a living Me:UwU

  • Polish Cow
    Polish Cow

    "This is what Fortnite could have been!" - GrayStillPlays 2021

  • Tags up The wall
    Tags up The wall

    This is how fortnite could have beeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!

  • Jena Button
    Jena Button

    No lie this looks like one of the funnest ones I've seen Gray play

  • Fdsazsa Trewasae
    Fdsazsa Trewasae

    The slimy delete contrarily trace because session tinctorially peck minus a demonic lier. nimble, grateful gratis karate

  • Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith

    We must get everything that Graystillplays hates and put it in one broad

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi

    5:16 yoshi?

  • Elrond Gasal's Brother
    Elrond Gasal's Brother

    9:50 Gray: BREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAANOO-**beep**

  • coop

    these are just cruel!

  • Draco WarriorEX
    Draco WarriorEX

    omg, youtube finally allows Clipping, nice, GG Congrats Gray on another highly entertaining video. Who needs a soul anyways?

  • Dominick Mobley
    Dominick Mobley

    I love how he basically said a Turtle can jump better then a hare

  • PrimArch Aether
    PrimArch Aether

    If only grey remembered that the cones were balloons he could pop

  • Mohdrizal Rizal
    Mohdrizal Rizal

    The faint fair skin expectably arrest because loan subcellularly grab circa a wistful cook. worthless, two drug

  • Keith Holloway
    Keith Holloway


  • Darth Novii
    Darth Novii

    "What brand of tires are these!? KY!?" I'm dying!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara Bartsch
    Sara Bartsch

    Oh I get to kick the balls

  • Sara Bartsch
    Sara Bartsch

    Oh a ball kick

  • Void_ FireYT
    Void_ FireYT


  • Banana boi
    Banana boi

    All right

  • ThunderWitch010

    yeeet, yeeeet!

  • Dragon ѕlαуєя
    Dragon ѕlαуєя

    Anyone gonna talk about gray pukeing his insides out

  • DaDouch

    Why does Gray sounds in this video more like an Sex Intructor other than a guy playing Gta?

  • Dustin Gledo
    Dustin Gledo

    The bashful pleasure moberly bruise because clock remarkably appreciate including a understood dry. debonair, shy limit

  • ThatoneRussianguy1

    Can we play together

  • Zae Lit
    Zae Lit

    When gray said yay at the intro he sounded like that guy from the sponge bob episode about chocolate

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire

    I give you the award of fullscreen

  • Samara Harper
    Samara Harper

    Bye bue

  • Christian Ashley
    Christian Ashley

    Eventually he will get so good at these impossible levels he will have to create his own

  • Skuffed entertainment
    Skuffed entertainment

    I’m causally reading the comments and I hear peeeeeniiiiisssss

  • Exility Gaming YT ✅
    Exility Gaming YT ✅


  • Pj Fuentes
    Pj Fuentes

    I like the Christmas nutcracker music

  • Wred Fawks
    Wred Fawks

    Ramp is trans flag colors "Over the sad ramp" Me, a trans person: Wow I mean... you're not wrong.

  • Lizardcuts Productions
    Lizardcuts Productions

  • Nyan-Binawy UwU
    Nyan-Binawy UwU

    This board is in trans pride colors 💙💓🤍💓💙

  • ollieoverit

    1:50 figure skater, can confirm

  • avantgardegeek

    There was a line Gray said in one of his videos that relates to this. "If you do not yeet, you will accept defeat." Inspirational quote right there.

  • TheShadowsLullaby

    can you play please die already? random but I'm currious what the mighty gray will do on that game

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Hate is hate Love is love Gray is gray But this comment is so trash that it doesn't make sense

  • Cora B
    Cora B

    Gray, you remind me of Alastor

  • Viper 2077
    Viper 2077

    GTA 5 online is way worst than cyberpunk, why do you even play that toxic game

  • Miscellaneous

    Gray is the type of person that would vertical park

  • Seppl Tandtijger
    Seppl Tandtijger

    Can you download these races some where?

  • Jack Barmby
    Jack Barmby

    5:16 yoshi

  • Rytro

    “i completed the 99.999% imposible accuracy challenge and this happened” me: I know what happened.. you finished it!

  • Insignus Gaming
    Insignus Gaming

  • EarthToAccess

    4:39 🎵 yeenis~!

  • Abbas Savliwala
    Abbas Savliwala

    I love how Gray calls the most expensive car in gta online the Crisco Mobile

  • Too fast Too fast for love
    Too fast Too fast for love

    ozzy reference for the win

  • Emily Faith
    Emily Faith

    Me in 2020-2021 "THIS IS UNSETTLING"

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki

    "OvER cOmInG aPrETIONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! - Gray 2021

  • Noah Kirchen
    Noah Kirchen

    In my experience with this game, these boards are not impossible, their lunch. If you want to make them harder, have a 16 player lobby. Or do the Doomsday Act 3 heist finale. Or any heist that involves stealth.

  • Samuraifam 2.0
    Samuraifam 2.0

    4:39 why does he sound like a child

  • Avo Prim
    Avo Prim

    13:24 - Gray, but, you missed most of the other soccer balls, and, all of the other bowling balls, not to mention, the one, and, only bowling pin on that platform, why would you do that?

  • Apache 117
    Apache 117

    Check out this clip of me griefing cargo on my alt account: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/fsyHh5TJxXB4y4s.html

  • Mello Gaming
    Mello Gaming

    Day one of asking GrayStillPlays To Make his car gray instead of pink

  • Qexium

    How do you play these maps?

  • DangerMouse949

    Yeetus Completus....

  • Emery Thomas
    Emery Thomas

    he said there was no way he could screw it up but with gray theres always a way

  • Cookieplayz#1


  • Cookieplayz#1


  • Cookieplayz#1


  • Katie “Cantrolex” Steinert
    Katie “Cantrolex” Steinert

    play friday night funkin plez

  • Game Hunter
    Game Hunter


  • Robert Harrold
    Robert Harrold

    "......This board tastes like broken glass and divorce papers" Gordon Ramsey: I'm gonna use this, next time.

  • broderick switch
    broderick switch

    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that gray is a doctor or first responder IRL?

  • skyfrostMEOw

    bye hi oh no hehe oh i did not see you there...

  • Galactic Pig
    Galactic Pig

    @9:51 Gray gets possessed

  • Mrkinder2

    It looks like you might be popping your parachute a little soon. You could get more height and hang time if you waited for the peak of your jump before popping it.

  • CyberGrimyt

    Ah yes, brings back memories of playing batman games