i completed this 99.9% impossible jigsaw challenge and this happened
completing the 99% impossible jigsaw challenge
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  • JD Shed
    JD Shed

    Children watching this would be inspired by you hating fruit lol

  • Zrhunt

    Why is 7:06 to 7:14 so funny

  • Mental home
    Mental home

    Florda man dose not have a penis its not he had a surgery oh no it got severed off about 10 videos ago


    Gray once said 1:10

  • Justin Day
    Justin Day

    Gray “I’m good at going through the wrong hole” me “that’s what she said”

  • James Milner-White
    James Milner-White

    sane person: ''thinks about the movie saw'' me: saw the ride

  • Bennie Lanes
    Bennie Lanes

    Gray:now you just want to ride from the tip. Me:NOW THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • Noah Robison
    Noah Robison

    Grayson you bastard I LOVE WATERMELONS U LOST A SUB 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Radioactive

    I hate when the game is over

  • Nuraz Hassan
    Nuraz Hassan

    You mean it will dissolve the toilet?

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers

    Why does this car's exhaust look like an HDMI port?

  • Reaper

    Somethings wrong I can feel it

  • God's House
    God's House

    and what does intisapated mean gray?

  • God's House
    God's House

    gray is my favorite IRbin in the whole dang world thanks you gray for helping me get well when I was sick with corona

  • God's House
    God's House

    gray is my favorite IRbin in the whole dang world thanks you gray for helping me get well when I was sick with corona

  • Justin Fajardo
    Justin Fajardo

    Gray: ten out of ten landing car explodes

  • DeeBig Beenz25
    DeeBig Beenz25

    Yeetmiss has blessed you

  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name

    Bring Back

  • monkeyman games and vlogs
    monkeyman games and vlogs

    You don't hit the fruits,the fruits hit you.

  • marva califf
    marva califf

    The curvy match byerly nail because rest nally hook versus a decisive middle. rapid, spiky pelican

  • Viktor Müller
    Viktor Müller

    The disillusioned permission ostensibly shop because drizzle legally challenge without a snotty rooster. lush, overwrought celsius

  • Captain “Rinzler” Coffee Cake
    Captain “Rinzler” Coffee Cake

    If this game raises your blood pressure ...... then for the love of god stay away from Tarkov.... your heart would burst faster then a flat earthers argument

  • Jcknight7996

    'You know what I'm good at?! Going through the wrong holes!' RIP graystillplays's wife.

  • Dark_dragon8912

    Gray: that was actually a missed oper- I like phisicys Me: How do you manage to be so funny did you come out of the womb with a script of your bucket list jokes to tell on IRbin or something

  • Andrea McDevitt
    Andrea McDevitt

    I told you I hate using my brain Haha, same

  • pantry ajdbfbbrhe
    pantry ajdbfbbrhe


  • pantry ajdbfbbrhe
    pantry ajdbfbbrhe


  • Alex Bakas
    Alex Bakas

    Gray is so good at giving things random names that he should name mobile games.

  • Inverted ジ
    Inverted ジ

    I like it when he came to the flaming what the hell

  • Sebastian Brandt
    Sebastian Brandt

    ,,God damn, this would be quicker if i killed myself´´ Me reading books about ending my suffering:

  • Jeffrey Haire
    Jeffrey Haire

    The part when he was in the tube there was a sign telling him to turn around and go backwards through the tube

  • Hayes

    *Great gray's thumbnail turned into a damn, roblox obby*

  • Random Name?
    Random Name?

    I remembered when he sound like less deep, about 3 years ago

  • Jennifer Jerkins
    Jennifer Jerkins

    Hi welcome to graysstillsuffering and today imma die but this wouldn't be possible thanks to raid shadow legends

  • All Things good
    All Things good

    Urinate can clog a toilet? What you been eaten boy? Lol

  • jayden brown
    jayden brown

    10:55 he siad you always want to ride on the tip brooo

  • ItsMeReaper X
    ItsMeReaper X

    "Ride it right on the tip" "Oh jigsaw I'm coming baby"

  • Clayton moore
    Clayton moore

    that price on plywood these days am i right

  • Dripy

    By ultra colin crusher he means ultra nut crusher

  • Owentayy gaming
    Owentayy gaming

    gray:"my brain dosn't exist for a reason" me:"that explains why he likes toruing a.i."

  • Sam soto
    Sam soto

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Kevin Kennedy

    I'd rather not watch a man violate fruit... that sounds... disturbing...

  • UnderCraftyBros 64
    UnderCraftyBros 64

    10:52 "You always wanna ride right on the tip." -GrayStillPlays

  • maxine gilmore
    maxine gilmore

    Pov: my mom trying to teach me how to drive

  • Ainsley Spurgeon
    Ainsley Spurgeon

    1:14-1:17 I snotted out my coke and it got all over my bed... I still love your content tho lol

  • Lourens Johannes Bester
    Lourens Johannes Bester

    Freddy I want to brake free Gray you want to go of the tip

  • Radar 37
    Radar 37


  • GamerPanda430

    Reply to this comment with times in this vid where a that’s what she said moment happened :)

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin

    Why u going through the rainbow stairs

  • Dracyan25

    Gray:They always want to ride on the tip Me:That's what she said

  • Jacques Van Der hoven
    Jacques Van Der hoven

    Doo a Blaz mod

  • BasicllyThunwa

    roblox game thumbnails be like

  • yaro

    .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  • Karl Fish
    Karl Fish

    I feel like every video Gray posts it’s just him saying how this game will make it feel like you should be in the hospital for weeks

  • Amanda Dawe
    Amanda Dawe


  • Regular_fuelYT

    What is the job name

  • a s u m a
    a s u m a

    2:33 whats the name of that song? it sounds so familiar

  • touhouguyII

    Am I going crazy or did greu just go to a different map

  • AmadiDeLuki

    Plottwist: the first parkour was too short, so he connected it with another one, to make it look longer.

  • toboe whisker
    toboe whisker

    I would love to see more boards like this!

  • Denyse Cassy
    Denyse Cassy

    The uttermost power dfly empty because existence phytochemically confess an a coherent drawbridge. nosy, lonely approval

  • Walker Garcia
    Walker Garcia

    Jigsaw more like pigraw

  • Ernest gambone
    Ernest gambone

    ↓Use this to skip add↓

  • Ernest gambone
    Ernest gambone


  • Coffe Duck
    Coffe Duck

    The thumbnail looks like a Roblox obby

  • kojjuc

    him not completely kicking the ball off the platform in the end really fcked me of.

  • Lord Aubell
    Lord Aubell

    Go Pro Or Go Low BABYYYYYYA

  • Wendel Borges de Oliveira
    Wendel Borges de Oliveira

    did gray just quote michael stevens?

  • viggan chris
    viggan chris

    are you the guy from mkay

  • grandtheftauto5 ls
    grandtheftauto5 ls

    Heyy grey can I make a IRbin channel called greystillplays.jr?

  • Yiefy

    Grey: 10/10 landing Car: No I’m gonna explode

  • Kapowers07 Kapowers07
    Kapowers07 Kapowers07

    Kwebelkops voice??? 6:21

  • Jessica Olivia
    Jessica Olivia

    I kept getting jake peralta vibes AND IM LOVING IT

  • Isaac Crandall
    Isaac Crandall

    13:48 Ah yes, "The Symphony of Yeetus no.4 in D minor"

  • alejandro perez
    alejandro perez

    Could you explain me again why you hate fruit stands?

  • Kaliyah Williams
    Kaliyah Williams

    Gray: 10.put of 10 landing Also gray: *car explodes* Also Gray: *wHeEzE like a kettle* Me: Is this dreams cousin 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • g w
    g w

  • morganaravens

    6:29...hmmm sounds like life! 8:48...and...sticks the landing??

  • TobiRevBlackFire


  • Radon

    quite too many checkpoints for grey...

  • houari bouhadjeb
    houari bouhadjeb

    that was satisfying 7:14

  • Dallas B
    Dallas B

    I lie Gray's use of the word boop

  • Santosh Yadav
    Santosh Yadav

    WATCH THIS AMAZING GTA V ROBBERY irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/cdJkmniWlWmnxaU.html

  • Guillaume Carriere
    Guillaume Carriere

    Is anyone gonna mention the fact that he'd rather have hard tacos instead of soft tacos!??

  • Astolfo Gaming
    Astolfo Gaming

    It doesn’t pop up when I go to buy a membership

  • Astolfo Gaming
    Astolfo Gaming

    How do I join the legend membership

  • LegoSpaceRacer EKR
    LegoSpaceRacer EKR

    12:50- 12:57 one of the greatest lines in a video I've ever heard XD

  • dragon flye
    dragon flye

    lol game confuses me lmao at 8:45 the car blows up after a short fall and at 9:33 falls like a mile up and survives. died laffing at ....You always want to ride it on the tip

  • Mika Zielyn
    Mika Zielyn

    What's that synth that starts at 2:34?

  • Heidi Kestrel
    Heidi Kestrel

    I don’t see JOIN. Can anyone help me?

  • Ren

    “It’s not much of parkour, its paincour.” -Gray

  • UnaskedSalt2909 Is my Xbox name
    UnaskedSalt2909 Is my Xbox name

    Your gta online character looks like mine

  • Nathan Gaming320
    Nathan Gaming320

    8:46 GrayStillPlays:10/10 landing 2 second after Automatically explodes

  • Hellven

    6:16 That was beautiful, ngl

  • Three Eyed Salmon
    Three Eyed Salmon

    What happened man, you used to be so much more funny

  • Tony Kent Roblox Weirdo
    Tony Kent Roblox Weirdo

    I called all the times you died the first and the second time XD I watch ur vids twice

  • JustJohn

    watching gray play always makes my depression happy

  • iWIll OC
    iWIll OC

    The slow separated fascinatingly ruin because brother-in-law psychologically grin next a selfish plywood. energetic, goofy turret

  • Thriiller

    That sad 'no' at 4:55

  • Carter Blackwood
    Carter Blackwood

    things that make gray happy: money: -- statis: --- checkpoints and impossible boards: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------