99.999% of people fail the infinite harpoon dodge challenge
99.999% of people fail the infinite harpoon dodge challenge
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels

  • Travis Stayer
    Travis Stayer

    The Carl wheezer

  • Lemuel magbegor
    Lemuel magbegor

    3:03 santa 🙀

  • MM LH
    MM LH

    I need to make a map for him to play that will give him hell

  • Gaming bro
    Gaming bro


  • Michael James Behm
    Michael James Behm

    Gray has experienced more then 7 circles of hell but simplified

  • Antonin Alarcon
    Antonin Alarcon

    The parallel park simulteneously suspend because tugboat yearly compete beside a draconian loss. evanescent, paltry fahrenheit

  • Ganon hillard
    Ganon hillard

    How do you go on this levels 🤔

  • James Ackzien
    James Ackzien

    Happy happy blessed blessed night hope blessed day and happy blessed blessed night blessed blessed day love you love miss you have a blessed day love you too hope you have a blessed blessed beautiful blessed night blessed love love you too love you miss miss y’all too hope so happy Birthday

  • Jacob Sanders
    Jacob Sanders

    You sound like flint lockwood

  • Brenden Sanchez
    Brenden Sanchez

    Graystillplays made my life better no going to lie lmao

  • demon kid
    demon kid

    Hey Crystal Palace I just want to know how you can get those custom levels on phone because I play Happy Wheels on my phone I don't know how to do it

  • Bread

    Is no one going to point out that he got 6.33 on two consecutive boards

  • amazing player21
    amazing player21

    The jet fall was just STALIN for time

  • bekoi petei
    bekoi petei

    The slim switch cosmetically file because punishment bodily deserve out a unruly find. five, ludicrous geranium

  • Minty loo & Izzy
    Minty loo & Izzy

    I’m Russian and I say… Mmmm Yes

  • Wadiya Gooden
    Wadiya Gooden


  • Lukas-just mee the best Anson
    Lukas-just mee the best Anson

    Just need your heart and you make it to jet Port is easy if you just have your heart

  • Katarzyna Rozycka
    Katarzyna Rozycka

    I like how greys thumbnails is just pain and suffering

  • Aleksandras Udelcovas
    Aleksandras Udelcovas

    I life is cap 🧢

  • Aleksandras Udelcovas
    Aleksandras Udelcovas


  • FireWolfGaming

    10:38 Gray is just suffering over and over until he succeeds

  • FireWolfGaming

    I love the Russian anthem in the beginning of the video!

  • Jablonkai Boti
    Jablonkai Boti

    3:00 Gamer moment

  • Just Vovka
    Just Vovka

    3:02 Impossible...

  • Jeffery Family
    Jeffery Family

    Gray suffering is my favorite show too

  • What if fan
    What if fan

    The Russians jet fall without the helmet

  • TerryLin1

    Gray have changed... The thing he changed is MORE SCREAMING MORE SCREAMING = MORE PAIN

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart

    You are a horrible father and husband!

  • Kisachi Kirisagi
    Kisachi Kirisagi


  • Emma Cain
    Emma Cain

    Just Gray suffering in the russian jet fall 0:22 0:35 1:09 1:32 1:45 2:06 2:13 2:25 2:30 2:39 2:45 2:54 If you made it down here, have a very happy gray 2:59

  • The gamer cho
    The gamer cho

    Every happy wheel game wants you dead gray same times.

  • Kokushibo UpperMoon1
    Kokushibo UpperMoon1

    The jiggle crawl was poggers

  • Félix Clément
    Félix Clément

    1:07 break your ears

  • The Everything Channel
    The Everything Channel

    "Looking on broken glass * body gets jetted in half* " AAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHABAHAHAH"

  • dying light pro
    dying light pro

    Gray:helmet is life life is helmet withought helmet I dead

  • dying light pro
    dying light pro

    I mean 5mill

  • dying light pro
    dying light pro


    • dying light pro
      dying light pro

      I mean 5

  • AlexseyShiryaev2003


  • Helen Attard
    Helen Attard


  • Alex_The_Unicorn 5490
    Alex_The_Unicorn 5490

    0:21 what the hell

  • PotatoManYT Yes
    PotatoManYT Yes

    This video was in a perfectly cut screems video :D

  • Shaun Irwin
    Shaun Irwin

    Anyone else for Elizabeth took him before 3 minutes to complete one round

  • Shawntey Lee
    Shawntey Lee


  • Uh Brody
    Uh Brody

    Go check out uh Brody and Monstersolowin there good IRbiners

  • Luther Salvilla
    Luther Salvilla

    5:56 "AHA!"... "O" -Gray

  • Luther Salvilla
    Luther Salvilla

    Takes me back to 2016

  • Bob Quazi
    Bob Quazi

    Did you every time grey does a jet fall and he dies grey says AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG

  • iamnotdrunk gaming
    iamnotdrunk gaming

    it took you 2:59 seconds to finish the first part

  • justsomedud 66
    justsomedud 66

    2:30 he sounded like a slowed down jacksepticeye

  • robert woodard
    robert woodard

    LOL 2:30

  • Kenyon Isaacs
    Kenyon Isaacs

    I’m surprise it took him three minutes just to beat the first board

  • Moustache Cat
    Moustache Cat


  • Moustache Cat
    Moustache Cat


  • Moustache Cat
    Moustache Cat


  • Bryce our spina bifida warrior
    Bryce our spina bifida warrior


  • Meenakshi nair
    Meenakshi nair


  • Zelan Blakeslee
    Zelan Blakeslee

    your a sick person ya know

  • Reiko Burton
    Reiko Burton

    5:45 Game: GET OVER HERE!!!!!

  • 24_ memorys
    24_ memorys

    There's a word that represents every time Gray plays Happy wheels and it's STABY

  • todoroki the gamer
    todoroki the gamer

    6:25 please tell me there was something blocking the win button at the start XD

  • Dande Bande
    Dande Bande

    1:44 "actually I am going to hold on" next minute gets his arms blown off

  • Lightninginnit Racer
    Lightninginnit Racer

    Ohhhh I just Love watching you get turned into a meat smoothie


    I am russian and i am very proud of you

  • Ice Fall
    Ice Fall

    The absolute sentences "That's one of the vital organs you win" and "all you have to do is cross these glass bridges" Is the definition of life

  • C Compton
    C Compton


  • C Compton
    C Compton

    Markiplier:wow he has more subscribers than me Graystillplays:that’s right bitch

  • William Vanega
    William Vanega

    gray: use the legs me: you did most of it with your head

  • C Compton
    C Compton

    Gray: so we’re quintuple backflip and AWGHhH

  • Zachary Ruano
    Zachary Ruano

    Phone: we would l- Me: unplugs the phone off so I can look at GraySillPlays

  • chaosmastermind

    I love how many of those are like "YAY my head landed on the finish line, I win!"

  • Zenkoyu

    0:22 what was that scream🤣

  • Savage dude 😈
    Savage dude 😈

    I love this game play this and happy wheels

  • Crimson Dragon
    Crimson Dragon

    My heels are indeed, behind my head.

  • mr.starwars.1488

    2 minutes into the video and I'm already cracking up laughing

  • Brittany Carter
    Brittany Carter

    It says its impossible dummy

  • the king god
    the king god

    хахахахаха, ты не падаешь на струи, струи падают на тебя

    • Tikker Tokker
      Tikker Tokker

      @the king god bro what

    • Tikker Tokker
      Tikker Tokker

      I couldn’t agree nore

  • Ellie Wilt
    Ellie Wilt

    I swear I just saw the opening round on a perfectly cut scream compilation

  • Sayar Lay
    Sayar Lay

    fack gray

  • halliebow

    graystillplays:AHHHHHHHHH russia:yes yes zis is good

  • Billy Bieringer
    Billy Bieringer


  • Hunter Kobelka
    Hunter Kobelka

    0:23 Me: ouch Idiots: possible earrape material

  • SuperLazer

    2:27 Dance Contest

  • Donny Heady
    Donny Heady

    Gray should play roblox

  • medhat mohamed
    medhat mohamed

    jeesus christ this game is death

  • IŪ0.9 :.
    IŪ0.9 :.

    *the first board took him 3 minutes* *3*

  • ToonSandwich

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN GRAY IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!! Like seriously, the way Gray completes the "impossible" levels is by defying physics

  • Veer Khurana
    Veer Khurana


  • Ryan Sharman
    Ryan Sharman


  • Kuba Demcak
    Kuba Demcak

    That scream wtf

  • euwan ramos
    euwan ramos

    I nearly died when you aay "oh, i see where the survive is going to a problem"

  • D Moody
    D Moody

    Lol damn y’all were right. He really doesn’t look at the comments.

  • D Moody
    D Moody

    Your son on that last one lol he evaporated

  • Derek Animations and Things
    Derek Animations and Things

    1:06 A

    • Derek Animations and Things
      Derek Animations and Things

      2:26 A also

  • •br0oklynbl00dp0p•

    I think Happy wheels jet falls are made with more agony.

  • Leonardo Billones
    Leonardo Billones

    Russian people:No mercy for gray!! Hura!! Me:ummmm.... Gray:*singing* walking on broken glass Rocket:Surprise! *incinerates gray*

  • rubaya tasnim
    rubaya tasnim

    Do more so funny

  • Mia Louden
    Mia Louden

    We don’t need helmets were we’re going! 😂⛑

  • SOS .
    SOS .

    Is this game called happy wheels and rage, Is like me in kindergarten

  • Stormed Ghost
    Stormed Ghost

    Russia let me have this Russia doesn’t let you have anything

  • Aj uniq liporada
    Aj uniq liporada

    2:29 i couldn't stop laughing and replaying it