100% of people go insane attempting this zig zag challenge
100% of people go insane attempting this zig zag challenge
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.

  • Vodkavsky

    >enjoying video, start to eat food >first bite starts being chewed >"delicious rancid urine"

  • Lumbee Warrior
    Lumbee Warrior

    So basically I'm Florida man but I'm from NC? I will park my Ram in a lake if they let me!

  • Wolfpup12

    You know how markiplier has lixian on the side of the screen? Graystillplays should do the same but with Florida man XD

  • Liam Raven
    Liam Raven


  • Jon Cooper
    Jon Cooper

    It's been a while since yo've done some of these... I DEMAND MORE

  • XxSalad

    That fruit stand you're next

  • Rebtorias The Great
    Rebtorias The Great

    When your car get blow up by a box, but it wasn't from a Irish 11:49

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams

    I've been driving a box truck just like this for FedEx for about two months now, and i am proud to say I have not once dumped it into the ocean. Y'all acting like this is hard haha.

  • Ghost !
    Ghost !

    This is what truck drivers do in order to get their license

  • Memes Epic
    Memes Epic

    6:20 gray did a drift?!?!

  • ChrisGee1371

    How this man so friendly yet so not friendly at the same time LMFAOOO

  • Diya Prakash
    Diya Prakash

    Yee clips

  • Snow Bunny Karry
    Snow Bunny Karry

    9:56 Close your eyes ;3c


    Why do you lie in youtube

  • David Elmore
    David Elmore

    and Gray makes a box truck do pole dancing

  • Liam Paton
    Liam Paton

    Sometimes I just want your videos to see you suffer

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    Sanity can’t die if it’s already dead

  • Earthworm Sally
    Earthworm Sally

    Ball tap

  • Gaming Socheat77
    Gaming Socheat77


  • Russell

    Anyone else think Gray sounds like Lightning McQueen when he says “no no no nonononononooo!”

  • It Means Joy- My name
    It Means Joy- My name



    can you do a face reveal at 5mil?

  • soup time
    soup time

    Best 4:20 AM I’ve ever spent

  • SaChIn RaJpUt
    SaChIn RaJpUt

    how to play this track ?

  • Supȓ̈em̆̈e

    Have you played turbo dismount yet? I would love to check that out! (Sorry I’m new to this channel I’m just checking because it’s a game he sounds like he would play)

  • Beaks

    “This truck is durable.” Ah yes not like that’s the main appeals of trucks, if a truck gets into a crash then the other person dies, why I bought a truck and my logic has already proved correct once.


    "Driving a rental be like... OH PENIS" -Graystillplays 2021

  • aLittle FATGIRL
    aLittle FATGIRL

    Who else here also likes a delicious sprunk stop?

  • D3lta Speedruns
    D3lta Speedruns


    • D3lta Speedruns
      D3lta Speedruns

      Just look at it

  • Eliza Eisenhawer
    Eliza Eisenhawer

    normal people: ugh gray: uhhhhhhhg

  • Sage the Bisexual Fandom Ruler
    Sage the Bisexual Fandom Ruler

    Gray's theme song, to the theme of batman: No no no no, ✨Penis✨

  • talal zahid
    talal zahid

    loop the sound he makes at the very start of the video at 0:00

  • Jesper Nissen
    Jesper Nissen

    I love how you sound like when you are near death xD!

  • Brooke Boland
    Brooke Boland

    I miss Spleens.

  • Rex Vuong
    Rex Vuong

    The miniature tendency perplexingly offend because clutch neuropathologically wriggle below a aback sauce. yummy, peaceful william

  • C O Y O T E
    C O Y O T E

    11:49 Roger from American Dad *scream

  • Knights Pro
    Knights Pro

    How to make gray go insane A Make a board with the most hardest thing in it B Put no checkpoints because they are ROOKIE NUMBERS!!!!!

  • Jcknight7996

    We need a graystillplays out of context

  • Alexander Brior
    Alexander Brior

    Hey, at least you didn’t have to do any wall rides with that thing

  • Alex Bakas
    Alex Bakas

    This is what Amazon Employees go through when somebody orders a package for same day delivery at 11:59 PM

  • Monkeyboys789

    "rainbow parachute phobia" -graystillplays 2021

  • Electro Entertainer
    Electro Entertainer

    Play mario maker. You will burn your brains out.

  • Key

    My first thought of the vehicle of this video was "Isekai".

  • Jensen Lee
    Jensen Lee

    The arrogant bike maternally twist because aluminium histologically fear regarding a deserted government. assorted, gifted active

  • Barrett

    Day 20 of asking you to post the social club link to these levels.

  • Chace Ashby
    Chace Ashby

    Whats the name of the sad song that you played for the dead bird scene

  • Arthur Bradberton
    Arthur Bradberton

    Anyone know the sample or song at 4:43 ?

  • Yoboi Wyatt
    Yoboi Wyatt

    How he get in private gaMes

  • PandoLoves Pandas
    PandoLoves Pandas

    Gray: This is the best idea ive ever had A second later: Falls and dies

  • Sean Fleming
    Sean Fleming

    Gotta know that music at 4:40


    Very good as always

  • nemo nd
    nemo nd

    When in doubt throtal out lol

  • Amed Javier Martinez
    Amed Javier Martinez

    Nice Keemstar inpresition gray

  • AllThingsOculus


  • Jess H.
    Jess H.

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, yes 2:22

  • Layton Little
    Layton Little

    I'm happy that you have found success but sad that your videos are obnoxious now. Used to really enjoy watching. But again, congratulations man.

  • Cer

    This man singlehandedly wiped out half the species of seabirds and tropical fish during this board

  • Digy

    Your Sims are life blood

  • Delena Mitt
    Delena Mitt

    2:27 “Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

  • MrAimbotJK

    How dare yo almost give him a thumbnail game

  • Z Shieh
    Z Shieh

    NO GRAY. Not enough branding on the merch.

  • lonewhitewolf1

    It's funny because that soccer goal would have saved him

  • Skyler Currier
    Skyler Currier

    You had an ample opportunity to say where sanity goes to die it’s gta 5 and u didn’t

  • The Burrito
    The Burrito

    GrayStillPlays more like GraysLosinIt

  • Harley Lynds
    Harley Lynds

    12:31 my guy turning into Patrick

  • LionelLines

    “It’s like ASMR. But with...someone who yells a lot.” - Gray 2021

  • Sean Ruppert
    Sean Ruppert

    Hi Gray! Just wanted to thank you for providing such hilarious content in these dark times. In addition to this pandemic sucking, my father died on sunday. So not in the greatest of spirits, but this has been a great distraction!

  • Brandon Satterfield
    Brandon Satterfield

    3:38 oh no no no no wiener

  • staris84

    A truck for of sadness and regret, what could go wrong.

  • Justin van Zuilekom
    Justin van Zuilekom

    "I've been taking helicopter lessons from Stevie Wonder" More like taking lessons from Kobe.

  • tdr1995

    2:22 "This is the best idea I ever had!" *Falls off the wall* 🤣

  • Rusty Howe
    Rusty Howe

    These courses are true-to-life examples of how our parents went to school in the olden days.

  • Joseph Jr
    Joseph Jr

    The first GTA video with 100% in the title

  • Dean

    The way you say chassis hurts me

  • noob 828
    noob 828

    Vaping as a kid and smoking weed is bassicly Gray Bc he's insane

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

    The imminent australia impressively worry because skirt immuhistochemically chase since a hanging price. billowy, two raven

  • Brycen Gumbs
    Brycen Gumbs

    Gray when he gets to a turn he doesn’t think he can make turns into Patrick the crack addict he makes it turns into a tv show host at the introduction of it after that he turns back into a dumb ass... hahaha I’m sorry gray but I enjoy your content keep up the good work

  • Rachelina Santella
    Rachelina Santella


  • fallen Angel
    fallen Angel

    Hey Gray you will take up Almost any challenge from what I have seen there is a game on steam called empire at war total conversion mod Thrawn's Revenge on the hardest difficulty as the Empire of the Hand no sub mods though they will make your playthrough more difficult by crashing so good luck if you take up this challenge i really look forward to the possibility of you doing this

  • Peter Skillen
    Peter Skillen

    You said no over 150 Times

  • Blaine Imes
    Blaine Imes

    YEET Nope

  • Blaine Imes
    Blaine Imes

    Watching this at 1am with my pet cat named Slider

  • Micaela Garcia
    Micaela Garcia

    It makes me feel a lot better that Gray is also bad at flying helicopters in GTA

  • undertakerryu

    11:46 had me crying

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh

    11:00 "ok...let's do this, in a more controlled manner. IS THAT A FRUIT STAND?!?!?!"

  • Doom State
    Doom State

    Hello and thank you for flying with gray air, pain and agony will be served at our cruising altitude of -10 feet we also have some nice impossible maps for snacks, once again thank you for flying with us at gray air and enjoy your suffering.

  • Doom State
    Doom State

    That is a fence

  • IconicLunatic 9
    IconicLunatic 9

    "I'm getting to be a pro at riding the rainbow." - GrayStillPlays

  • Anna Storey
    Anna Storey

    Idea, bumper sticker.. "Learned my driving, from GreyStillPlays

  • XxColorxX4503

    I'm gonna go do this now, I have 100% non-existent confidence :)

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    this channel is addictive

  • Comedy Cut
    Comedy Cut

    Make this mercy “Helllllo welcome to where we add zeros to whatever we want”

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander


  • Logan Shaw
    Logan Shaw

    Physics was messing with him because how many times he blew up the universe.

  • Jam1649

    Fruit stand: exists Gray: *so you have chosen death?*

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Gray: Ok now I fee.... ahhhh to-sha board creater

    • Sean Fleming
      Sean Fleming


  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    When Gray never noticed the stupid tree on the first checkpoint that the gta gods

  • Faylenn

    "nothing can stop the mule!" Fantastic

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    Gray: _Jokes that the tubes look like a particle accelerator_ Also Gray: _Later goes through a particle accelerator, proving he predicted correctly_

  • Rafid Tahmid
    Rafid Tahmid

    "Penetrate the hole" - Gray (2021)